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Nature and culture attractions in Sri Lanka  In Sri Lanka: by Juha_H 0 5
Logged in Time Limit  In About us: by Geer1, last reply by Captain_Bob 7 976
Koh Pangan New Years Eve Full Moon Party Accommodation  In Thailand: by StephJayne165, last reply by chillaxgal28 14 3743
Need help choosing a backpack!  In Southeast Asia: by Lindzimbo91, last reply by Lindzimbo91 3 181
Transportation to Borobudur  In Indonesia: by Babalugats, last reply by One2 7 1362
26F traveling solo vietnam Oct 23 to Nov 2  In Companions: by wanderlust87, last reply by TeddyAllen 4 507
27M - Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi 15-21 Oct 14  In Companions: by Loong1987, last reply by TeddyAllen 1 259
21 days in Vietnam with teens - DIY or via travelagency?  In Vietnam: by Familyman, last reply by TeddyAllen 4 571
Best Vietnam beaches  In Vietnam: by Randur, last reply by TeddyAllen 15 2726
ISLANDS  In Travel videos: by ikerton1, last reply by iboisland 2 677
Same day visa run (Cambodia-Thailand-Cambodia) possible? (at Hat Lek / Ko Kong)  In Visas and border crossings: by Zjaaspoer, last reply by Captain_Bob 1 94
Quiet Asia  In Southeast Asia: by Scott20, last reply by MADMAC 23 575
Border crossing advice – Cambodia to southern Laos  In Cambodia: by dastott 0 43
27 female solo traveller  In Companions: by Amilee 0 61
Mekong DIY/Self-Guided Bike Tour Route?  In Vietnam: by lukasf, last reply by Aeryn 1 101
Heading north from HCM, best first destination?  In Vietnam: by Tazzfalcon, last reply by Aeryn 4 127
What to do with luggage while waiting for Sleeper Train?  In Thailand: by InTheWorld, last reply by exacto 6 203
NETRATE CONCEPTS - VISITING JAPAN  In Japan: by soletraveler 0 66
The Best Food that speaks about philippines  In Philippines: by christa213, last reply by shoestringtrvl 5 732
Filipino Travel Blogs  In Philippines: by goonistik, last reply by shoestringtrvl 5 1852
Mekong Delta from HCMC - TheSinhTourist Company (budget)  In Vietnam: by olodum 0 80
Itinerary advice for Bali/Lombok travel during Jan/Feb.  In Indonesia: by Sniksah, last reply by amnicoll 11 704
Java - itinierary timing and things missing?  In Indonesia: by summerfield, last reply by mooball 1 335
Receiving a package in Bali  In Indonesia: by buffalonomad, last reply by mooball 1 217
Looking to get my dive masters  In Philippines: by alexsmith903, last reply by Cassiedee 1 454
3 weeks in the philippines where to spend Christmas and New Years?  In Philippines: by janeybaby83, last reply by Cassiedee 15 3226
Bike hire in Chiang Mai  In Thailand: by Stevet1961, last reply by Stevet1961 2 124
Myanmar trip- some more questions  In Burma: by ssgal, last reply by JuliaLuther 10 758
Next trip: tips where to go next.  In Southeast Asia: by marianaamc, last reply by JuliaLuther 8 551
Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand a good 3 week holiday to include some tourism, some beach and some party?  In Southeast Asia: by Mishkaness, last reply by JuliaLuther 5 504

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We stayed at KB for 20 nights in total after arriving just at the very end of the low season. We man...

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