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Headed to Maluku? Let us help

Maluku in far eastern Indonesia sees but a trickle of both foreign and domestic travellers. We've never been there ourselves, but Laszlo Wagner has, and partly as a result of his love of the region he built the website East-indonesia.info.

So what we've done, in cooperation with Laszlo, is added links across the Indonesian portion to Travelfish.org that will lead you straight to the relevant sections on Maluku on East-indonesia.info.

East-indonesia.info is built in a different more generalist format than Travelfish.org -- think "there are boats between A and B" rather than "there are 6 departures from A to B daily which cost 124,000 rupiah and the trip takes four hours and 12 minutes", but this is Eastern Indonesia and the broad strokes are what most independent travellers really need for that region.

We think it is a great resource -- and that is why we're pointing you in its direction.

If you've got a question about the area, you're welcome to ask about it on the Indonesia section of the Travelfish forum and Laszlo will try to assist as best he can. When he's not off exploring of course.


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