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Fortunately the accommodation in Kengtung is far better and varied than the restaurant one and for a remote town of its size there is a good range of hotels and guesthouses to choose from. The options are spread out somewhat around town with many being located near the central market, some by the lake, Harry's a little way out of town to the north and several others on the airport road.

  • Private Resort Hotel

    Private Resort Hotel

    A good midrange option

    145 Airport Rd, Kengtung
    T: (084) 21 438; F: (084) 21 438

    Located a short hop out of town on the Airport Road (some 20 minutes on foot or a 1,000 kyat moto ride), the Private Resort Hotel is a good midrange option in Kengtung. The property is something a ... Read the full review of Private Resort Hotel.

    4 stars US$20 to $40 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Sam Ywet Hotel

    Sam Ywet Hotel

    Possibly the best deal in Kengtung

    21 Kyaing Lan Rd, Kengtung
    T: (095) 842 1235; F: (095) 842 3385

    A brand new and spotless hotel located just down a sidestreet close to the central market (and they do have a second location on the airport road), this is possibly the all round best deal in ... Read the full review of Sam Ywet Hotel.

    4 stars US$20 to $40 1 vote Flashpacker
  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Harry's Trekking House

    The backpacker choice in town

    132 Mai Yang Rd, Kengtung
    T: (084) 21 418;

    A Kengtung institution and certainly the backpacker choice in town, Harry's has reportedly declined somewhat of late (in terms of trekking information we believe) since Harry himself passed away, but ... Read the full review of Harry's Trekking House.

    4 stars Under US$20 1 vote Backpacker
  • Kyaing Tong New Hotel

    Kyaing Tong New Hotel


    Thumingalar St, Kengtung
    T: (084) 21 620; F: (084) 24 040

    In a word, odd! The Kyaing Tong New Hotel is what passes for upmarket in Kengtung and despite its name is one of the oldest hotels in town -- since it is currently undergoing renovation we'll desist ... Read the full review of Kyaing Tong New Hotel.

    3.5 stars US$40 to $100 1 vote Midrange
  • Princess Hotel

    Princess Hotel

    Popular tour group choice

    21 Zaydankalay Rd, Kengtung
    T: (084) 21 319; F: (084) 21 159

    The Princess Hotel is the most popular spot in Kengtung for midrange travellers and tour groups. The hotel is located a five-minute walk from the market and close to the town's old east gate. They're ... Read the full review of Princess Hotel.

    3.5 stars US$40 to $100 1 vote Midrange
  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Law Yee Chain Hotel

    Ok rooms

    9 Kyaing Nyan Rd, Kengtung

    A bright pink building close to the SamYwet Hotel and just down the main street from the market, the Law Yee Chain Hotel isn't as good a deal as the Sam Ywet but the rooms are okay, if slightly ... Read the full review of Law Yee Chain Hotel.

    3 stars US$20 to $40 1 vote Flashpacker

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