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Nyaung Shwe

Backpackers should plan on spending around $15 per night for a simple room in one of the town's older and dirtier hotels. The rooms in the $25-$30 range are generally cleaner but mostly no-frills. Spending $50 to $60 will get you a room at one the nice boutique hotels, such as our favourite, La Maison Birmane Inn. Additionally, honeymooners and big spenders have a handful of options.

The most expensive resorts in the area are found directly on Inle Lake and they go for up to several hundred dollars per night. Currently 14 resorts are located on the lake, with developers pushing to add more while lake inhabitants protest. We did not visit or review any of the resorts located on Inle Lake.

In general, all hotels in Nyaung Shwe offer free WiFi in the rooms; exceptions are The Gypsy Inn (where it's only available in the lobby) and May Guesthouse (two of the rooms aren't within the WiFi signal).

Hotels we visited offered breakfast included in room rates; the meal generally consists of eggs, choice of coffee or tea, toast, fruit and juice. Most are happy to provide a local-style dish if you let them know in advance.

  • La Maison Birmane Inn

    La Maison Birmane Inn

    Our favourite in Nyaung Shwe

    Nyaung Shwe
    T: (081) 209 901;

    La Maison Birmane is a boutique hotel consisting of bungalows of two sizes, with the larger referred to as chalets. We rate this joint as the best hotel in town: very well designed, cosy and ... Read the full review of La Maison Birmane Inn.

    4.5 stars US$40 to $100 1 vote Midrange
  • Viewpoint Lodge and Fine Cuisines

    Viewpoint Lodge and Fine Cuisines

    Upmarket Nyaung Shwe

    Tain Nan Bridge & Canal
    T: (081) 209 062;

    The Viewpoint Lodge, under Western management, is the most expensive and luxurious accommodation option in Nyung Shwe. A series of cottages are built over the water and offer lovely views, especially ... Read the full review of Viewpoint Lodge and Fine Cuisines.

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    4 stars US$100 to $200 1 vote Toprange
  • Golden Empress Hotel

    Golden Empress Hotel

    A great deal for couples

    No. 19, Phaungtawpyan St
    T: (081) 209 037;

    The Golden Empress Hotel is in a quiet part of town, about a 10-minute walk to Yone Gyi Street, where most foreign travellers can be found. The hotel, only about a year old, consists of a mostly pine ... Read the full review of Golden Empress Hotel.

    4 stars US$20 to $40 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Inle Star Motel

    Inle Star Motel

    Some of the best views in town

    No. 49, Canal Rd
    T: (081) 209 745;

    The Inle Star Motel is located on the canal and offers some of the best views in town. It's in a bustling area, near where boats depart for a trip out to the lake. The building appears to be brand ... Read the full review of Inle Star Motel.

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    4 stars US$20 to $40 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Teakwood Hotel

    Teakwood Hotel

    Cozy and charming

    Kyaung Daw Anouk Rd
    T: (081) 209 250; F: (081) 209 499

    The charming Teakwood Hotel, located on a quiet street near the centre of town, is set in a lovely garden. The hotel is run by a friendly English-speaking family who've been in business for 18 years. ... Read the full review of Teakwood Hotel.

    4 stars US$40 to $100 1 vote Midrange
  • Nan Da Wunn Hotel

    Nan Da Wunn Hotel

    Best if you're on a budget!

    No. 80, Youne Gyi Rd
    T: (081) 209 211; F: (081) 209 212

    Nan Da Wunn is a good choice for budget conscious backpackers in Nyaung Shwe who aren't too fussed about cleanliness. The cheaper rooms, while in need of a thorough scrubbing (especially the ... Read the full review of Nan Da Wunn Hotel.

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    3.5 stars Under US$20 1 vote Backpacker
  • Hotel Amazing

    Hotel Amazing

    Clean and spacious, not amazing

    Yone Gyi St
    T: (081) 209 477; F: (081) 209 429

    Hotel Amazing is a two-storey strip of 16 rooms that overlook a stream on the eastern part of town. An upscale restaurant is built over the stream with water flowing down the side. Rooms are clean ... Read the full review of Hotel Amazing.

    3.5 stars US$40 to $100 1 vote Midrange
  • May Guesthouse

    May Guesthouse

    Friendly, clean and a good location

    85, Myawaddy Rd
    T: (081) 209 417;

    The May Guesthouse is on a quiet street that's easy walking distance to several of the town's most popular restaurants as well as the night market. Rooms are clean but simple, contain very narrow ... Read the full review of May Guesthouse.

    3 stars Under US$20 1 vote Backpacker
  • Lucky Bright Hotel

    Lucky Bright Hotel

    A bit cruddy

    No. 53, Phaung Daw Side Rd
    T: (081) 209 137;

    The Lucky Bright Hotel is an ageing building that appears to be run by a group of teens glued to a television. It's in a quiet area, across the street from a large and abandoned 'sports field' and a ... Read the full review of Lucky Bright Hotel.

    3 stars US$20 to $40 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Gypsy Inn

    Gypsy Inn

    Unfriendly but cheap

    No. 82, Kann Nar Rd
    T: (081) 209 084;

    The Gypsy Inn is one of the first hotels seen by travellers who reach Nyaung Shwe via Inle Lake and its location is the only positive feature we could find -- the aloof and unconcerned manager ... Read the full review of Gypsy Inn.

    2.5 stars Under US$20 1 vote Backpacker

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