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The only downside we found with Mawlamyine -- nowhere's perfect -- is the poor accommodation choice. Tourism hasn't really hit the town yet so we guess there's been no need up until now: there are few tour groups, only the occasional independent traveller and a trickle of backpackers, with most current visitors being Thai neighbours crossing the border from Mae Sot. There are a couple of decent midrange spots -- indeed one is excellent -- but for budget choices you're a bit stuffed. As Mawlamyine no doubt gets more popular in the near future we can hope that some of the existing hotel stock will be upgraded and some of those lovely old villas ought to get reincarnated as ‘boutique' guesthouses. Note that due to the relative paucity of accommodation choices we have included some joints that we wouldn't perhaps recommend in other destinations with more to offer.

Cinderella Hotel
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
21 Baho Rd
T: (057) 24411

Good and bad news: Cinderella is not only Mawlamyine's best accommodation option, but one of the best we've found anywhere in Burma. Being small and very popular, however, it means you've got to be very lucky to get a room during high season and still quite lucky during low periods. It isn't located on the waterfront but still has a pretty central position on Baho Street within walking distance... Read our full review of Cinderella Hotel.

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The Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
Strand Rd
T: (057) 25624

It's got nothing to do with Rangoon's famous Strand Hotel but Mawlamyine's Strand does possess a prime spot on the road of the same name and is both the town's largest and most upmarket accommodation option at present. The Mawlamyaing Strand, with yet another interesting town spelling variation, is located at the northern end of the riverfront road north of the central market and adjacent to... Read our full review of The Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel.

Attran Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
Strand Rd
T: (057) 25 764

Probably the best location in town, the Attran Hotel has bungalows, (and they really do like suburban bungalows), on a lawn right at the top north west corner of town on Strand Road, overlooking the bridge and the waterfront. The interiors are roomy enough and have air-con and hot water showers but they have seen better days and the asking price is steep to say the least. The second row has... Read our full review of Attran Hotel.

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Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
Strand Rd
T: (057) 24703

Ngwe Moe has a good location on Strand Road south of the central market and close to the jetties. Staff are very friendly and helpful, and the rates are reasonable (for Mawlamyine), but this place has seen better days and is in serious need of a makeover. It was probably very good when it was new and could be again but for now it just serves as a compromise option if Cinderella's full, you don't... Read our full review of Ngwe Moe Hotel.

Breeze Guesthouse (Or Lay Hnyin Tha)
Backpacker - Under US$20
6 Strand Rd
T: (057) 21 450

Breeze looks okay from the outside; the old wood and brick colonial-period villa on the waterfront is easy to spot with its coat of bright blue paint, but inside is pretty shabby. It's also not a particularly good deal and the only reason we could figure for its popularity was the fact that having ‘guesthouse' rather than hotel in its name makes it Mawlamyine's clear backpacker choice. Its... Read our full review of Breeze Guesthouse (Or Lay Hnyin Tha).

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