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For a town of this size, Kratie has a good range of hotels and guesthouses to choose from.

  • Where to stay in Kratie

    Where to stay in Kratie

    Kratie is the capital of the same-named province in northeast Cambodia, some six to seven hours north of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh by bus. Known for a couple of pods of dolphins to the north ... Read more.

  • Le Bungalow

    Le Bungalow

    Unusual, antique filled

    Riverfront Kratie
    T: (089) 758 090;

    From the same people who brought you Terres Rouge in Banlung, Le Bungalow is an interesting, higer-end addition to the Kratie accommodation scene. The traditional Khmer house has a handful of ... Read the full review of Le Bungalow.

    4 stars USD 35 to 75 1 vote Midrange
  • Balcony Guesthouse & Restaurant

    Balcony Guesthouse & Restaurant

    Great sunsets

    T: (016) 604 036;

    Of all the guesthouses in Kratie, Balcony is the most backpackerish with an excellent upstairs balcony that is ideal for the sunset and meeting other travellers while simultaneously serving up some ... Read the full review of Balcony Guesthouse & Restaurant.

    4 stars Under USD 10 11 votes Backpacker
  • Heng Heng II Hotel

    Heng Heng II Hotel

    Great value

    Two doors down from Heng Heng Guesthouse
    T: (072) 971 405;

    Rooms here are great value. Similarly priced to most of the other guesthouses in town, at Heng Heng II they go the extra mile with better linen on the beds and an overall generally better standard. ... Read the full review of Heng Heng II Hotel.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 2 votes Backpacker
  • You Hong Guesthouse II

    You Hong Guesthouse II

    Popular but small rooms

    #119 Street 10, near Star, across from the river
    T: (085) 885 168;

    The newer of the two You Hong properties in Kratie town, this has the main restaurant of the two alongwith a very well informed travel department and various tourist stuff on the walls. Rooms are ... Read the full review of You Hong Guesthouse II.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Oudom Sambath Hotel

    Oudom Sambath Hotel

    Unmemorable, but reasonable value

    Riverside road

    Of the riverside Christmas cake hotels, this is about the best. There's a gazillion rooms, with the cheapest in a seemingly older building out back. There's nothing wrong with them -- think utterly ... Read the full review of Oudom Sambath Hotel.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Silver Dolphin

    Silver Dolphin

    Friendly and relaxed

    048Eo Preah Suramarit (Riverside road)
    T: (092) 138 872;

    We has a very funny moment here where trying to get into a room to take a look; after spending a good 10 minutes trying to find the cleaner, it turned out she was asleep in the room we were trying to ... Read the full review of Silver Dolphin.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • You Hong Guesthouse

    You Hong Guesthouse

    Friendly with a market view

    Opposite the new market, St 8
    T: (012) 957 003;

    We probably didn't hit You Hong I on the best of days as there was construction going on along the western wall and, while checking out the room, the power went out but, hey, this is Kratie and these ... Read the full review of You Hong Guesthouse.

    3 stars Under USD 10 12 votes Backpacker
  • Star Guesthouse

    Star Guesthouse

    Cheapest in town

    West side of the market
    T: (012) 753 401;

    Star has dropped off a bit in quality over the years, but it remains a friendly place for a cold beer or a meal -- when we stopped by for lunch the three young Khmer waitresses couldn't stop giggling ... Read the full review of Star Guesthouse.

    3 stars Under USD 10 3 votes Backpacker
  • Heng Heng Kratie Guesthouse

    Heng Heng Kratie Guesthouse

    Mop those floors!

    #46 Street 10
    T: (072) 971 613;

    Save the Christmas cake hotels a little upriver, this is one of the larger hotels in town. Rooms are, well, functional. They're of a moderate size, clean, with good sized TV (stations unclear), free ... Read the full review of Heng Heng Kratie Guesthouse.

    2.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker

Koh Trong

There are at least three places to stay on Koh Trong -- two homestays and the more upmarket Sala Koh Trong towards the northern tip of the island.

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