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Koh Touch

On an island a sense of busyness is relative, but for a range of accommodation and night life Koh Touch village and beach on the southeastern side of Koh Rong is the best choice. It attracts predominantly a young backpacker crowd looking for fun and has garnered Koh Rong the reputation of being a party island, even though all the other bays on the island are far from rowdy. There’s power until 02:00 to keep the music playing while one bar has a generator to keep it pumping till the wee hours. From homestays and cheap dorm beds to treehouses and solar powered bungalows with breathtaking views, the biggest selection is here and caters best to budget travellers.

Monkey Island
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Touch beach, Koh Rong, southeast side. Booking office on Serendipity Beach Rd at Monkey Republic.
T: (081) 830 991

Opened in December 2010, Monkey Island is the work of Sihanoukville's Monkey Republic and attracts a similar, youngish crowd. Nineteen bungalows are scattered on and behind a picture-perfect white-sand beach. The bungalow walls are made in a traditional method using layers of thatch. Each bungalow has a double bed and a single or two double beds with mosquito nets and a private balcony with table... Read our full review of Monkey Island.

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Paradise Bungalows
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Koh Touch beach, Koh Rong, southeast side. Book at the Dive Shop on Serendipity Beach Rd, Sihanoukville.
T: (092) 54 88 83

Paradise is the well-named long-timer on the southeast side of Koh Rong. The affable German manager, Rudy, explained that although he does get some backpacker clientele, he usually sells more wine than beer and customers relax to classical music and ambient soundtracks in the spectacular restaurant and lounge area made from recycled teak from the island. An elevated wooden platform overlooking... Read our full review of Paradise Bungalows.

Three Brothers
Backpacker - Under US$10
Koh Touch, Koh Rong, southeast side
T: (016) 486 189

Three Brothers is run by, you guessed it, three Cambodian brothers. A guesthouse upstairs and local restaurant downstairs, this is set in the busier and more compressed village end of the bay and has a friendly and laidback feel. Dorms are very cheap, $2 in low season and $3 in high, while private rooms with shared bathrooms are similarly competitively priced and in line with what almost all the... Read our full review of Three Brothers.

Treehouse Bungalows
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Touch beach, Koh Rong, southeast side. Booking office at Koh Rong Island Travel on Serendipity Beach
T: (016) 594 177

If you're looking for an island getaway with civilisation in reach, look no further than Treehouse Bungalows on Koh Rong. At the far end of Koh Touch beach after Paradise Bungalows and Whitebeach, access the resort and 'private' beach via a short, well-signed garden path. This is the furthest away from the noisy nightlife at the other end. There's a choice of three bungalow types. The seven... Read our full review of Treehouse Bungalows.

Bong's Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Koh Touch, Koh Rong, southeast side
T: (093) 924 856

Set up by a British husband and wife duo, Bong's is a simple guesthouse with a dorm room sleeping six and five private rooms – pick between a private double with shared bathroom or private enusite rooms with wet bathrooms. The water supply on the island is precarious at best – buckets are provided as backup. Double beds are built on a sturdy wooden platform with a mosquito net above. Free tea... Read our full review of Bong's Guesthouse.

Coco's Bungalow Resort
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Touch, Koh Rong, southeast side. Booking office at Koh Rong Island Travel on Serendipity Beach Rd, Sihanoukville.
T: (081) 466 880

The first place you'll see when you step off the pier from the fast boat is Coco's Bungalow Resort, which snuggles up next to Koh Touch village at one end of the beach. It has an ‘information centre’ – though this seemed to be for the benefit of inviting guests fresh off the boat to stay at their place rather than being manned at any other time, even as the reception area for their own... Read our full review of Coco's Bungalow Resort.

Whitebeach Bungalows
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Koh Touch, Koh Rong, southeast side
T: (034) 934 744

About as far away from the heart of the backpacker throngs and the loud music on Koh Touch as you can get, yet still only a 10-minute walk away, White Beach is positioned between Paradise Bungalows and Treehouse Bungalows -- the latter of which is also owned by the same group. Sturdy wooden constructions with glass-fronted doors and private verandas, these bungalows are plush for Koh Touch with... Read our full review of Whitebeach Bungalows.

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Sok San village

Sok San village at the end of gorgeous Seven-kilometre beach has a small handful of beach bungalow options to choose from – a bunch of new bungalows sprung up in 2014. The village behind is tiny and well kept, with a small grocery stall and beachside pool tables, but very little else in the way of entertainment. There's a small waterfall reachable by walking across a swamp for which you'll need someone to show you the way.

Angkor Chom
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Sok San Village, Koh Rong, western side
T: (078) 559 959

Angkor Chom is a Cambodian-run guesthouse and its popularity means all six bungalows are regularly filled with customers who keep extending their stay. The bungalows are simple, but built directly over the ocean on stilts allowing for an unobstructed view of the sea. They boast a balcony with chairs or hammocks and wind chimes made from seashells. The ensuite bathrooms have showers and clean... Read our full review of Angkor Chom.

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Sok San Bungalows
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Sok San Village, Koh Rong, western side
T: (092) 676 646

If it's all about location, then these 14 beach bungalows at the beginning of seven kilometres of white sand and turquoise sea have got it made being the only bungalows based on the beach. The mattresses won't win any awards for size or bounciness, but the perfect view from your bedroom porthole more than makes up for that. Embracing the ethos of basic, with a concrete-floored ensuite bathroom... Read our full review of Sok San Bungalows.

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Northeast Koh Rong

This area is well away from the crowds, but a great hangout nevertheless. Other than a small collection of local dwellings and the exclusive resort in the bay, there's not much around. This is definitely the place for relaxation and peace, but you can trek to Sok San village if you want to make sure other people exist.

Palm Beach Resort
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Rong, Northeast side
T: (015) 485 865

Opposite the exclusive Song Saa resort, Palm Beach had us almost feeling sorry for the rich and famous. And while this little piece of paradise doesn't come with its own butler, South African owner Kevin does his best to make guests feel welcome. Approaching the beach down a long jetty, over clear aquamarine water and rocks, it's difficult not to feel that you must have done something very good... Read our full review of Palm Beach Resort.

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Lonely Beach
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Northern stretch of Koh Rong
T: (097) 685 7840

Lofty palm trees run the stretch of Lonely Beach's idyllic private soft, sandy bay. The stuff of tropical island postcards, this place is utter heaven if you're looking to switch off from the world. The bungalows are smart wooden constructions set in the jungle with adjoining semi-outdoor tiled bathrooms that come with Western toilets and bucket showers. A few have sea views and the jungle... Read our full review of Lonely Beach.


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