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Serendipity Beach

Serendipity Beach is the northern end of Ochheuteal beach and is home to many of the backpacker guesthouses and fancier beach bungalows. It is the most popular area to stay in Sihanoukville.

  • Above Us Only Sky

    Above Us Only Sky

    High-end bungalows

    Serendipity Beach
    T: (089) 933 318;

    With just four brick bungalows, and another on the way, Above Us Only Sky provides a higher level of comfort than its neighbours. The bungalows, with terracotta-tiled floors (which means you won’t ... Read the full review of Above Us Only Sky.

    4.5 stars USD 35 to 75 1 vote Midrange
  • The Cove

    The Cove

    A top pick

    Serendipity beach (next to Cloud 9)
    T: (087) 555 887;

    A highlight on Serendipity, The Cove’s wood and thatch bungalows on the hillside are tucked in between palm and banana trees providing a relaxed, jungly retreat. Each bungalow has a private balcony ... Read the full review of The Cove.

    4.5 stars USD 35 to 75 1 vote Midrange
  • Cloud 9

    Cloud 9

    Tucked away in the trees

    Serendipity Beach
    T: (098) 215 166;

    Hidden away in the trees at the western end of the beach, Cloud 9 is still one of the better value spots on Serendipity. The wooden bungalows are built on stilts into a hill, thus some have amazing ... Read the full review of Cloud 9.

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    4.5 stars USD 10 to 35 12 votes Flashpacker

Ochheuteal Beach

Ochheuteal Beach has a selection of hotels along a couple of roads that run parallel to the beach. Nothing is more then a five-minute walk from the water. The free accommodation, when available, is at the eastern end of the beach.

Otres 1 Beach

At the northern end of Otres Beach, this stretch of sand is armed with a long row of beachside guesthouses and bars with a young, vibrant hippy feel to it. More mid-range, and upmarket, places are opening up, but it is still possible to score a dorm room for as little as $4, while the upper level resorts also offer amazing value for money.

  • Mushroom Point

    Mushroom Point

    It's mushroom mania

    Otres 1, Sihanoukville
    T: (097) 712 4635, (078) 509 079;

    Since opening at the end of 2011, Mushroom Point has become one of Sihanoukville’s hot spots, meaning that booking in advance is recommended even during low season. It actually has two locations, ... Read the full review of Mushroom Point.

    4.5 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Sahaa Beach Resort

    Sahaa Beach Resort

    Beautiful upmarket option

    Otres 1
    T: (070) 218 607;

    Part of the gentrification wave washing over Otres 1, Sahaa Beach is a beautiful resort with lots of carefully designed open space artfully dotted with redolent frangipani trees, widely spaced and ... Read the full review of Sahaa Beach Resort .

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    4 stars USD 75 to 150 1 vote Toprange
  • Wish You Were Here

    Wish You Were Here

    A place to disconnect and connect

    Otres 1
    T: (097) 241 5884 ;

    Sometimes you just walk into a place and fall in love, and you can’t really tell why and Wish You Were Here is one of the places that does that to you. There is a wonderfully chilled out vibe in ... Read the full review of Wish You Were Here.

    4 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Papa Pippo Bungalows, Bar and Restaurant

    Papa Pippo Bungalows, Bar and Restaurant

    Quaint and inviting

    Otres 1, Sihanoukville
    T: (010) 359 725;

    Papa Pippo is the last beachside restaurant and guesthouse on Otres 1, with nine bungalows from which you can step from your bed straight out to the soft sand outside. The fan-cooled, thatch-roofed ... Read the full review of Papa Pippo Bungalows, Bar and Restaurant.

    4 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Otres Beach Guesthouse

    Otres Beach Guesthouse

    Clean and quiet

    Otres beach, access road across from the beach
    T: (034) 699 9968;

    For those suffering from an aversion to thatch, but still keen for a good deal, these clean, large rooms are done in a typical Khmer style — that is, simply, with remarkably shiny, slick tiled ... Read the full review of Otres Beach Guesthouse.

    4 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Sea Garden

    Sea Garden

    Beachside chills

    Otres 1
    T: (096) 253 8131 ;

    Recently taken over by new owners who are working hard to raise standards, Sea Garden has beach bungalows and a dorm, with hot water shared bathroom, and a lot of attention being paid to important ... Read the full review of Sea Garden.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Indigo


    The flasher beach bungalow option

    7/10 Otres 1
    T: (097) 937 5100 ;

    As the name suggests Indigo has a funky, though not hippy, vibe and comes with neatly tricked out thatch bungalows that lead straight out to the beach and a very sociable bar, which plays some really ... Read the full review of Indigo.

    3.5 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Otres Lodge

    Otres Lodge

    A gentle retreat

    Otres 1
    T: (070) 857 391;

    A wide property with a lot of space, Otres Lodge boasts an avenue of very pretty bungalows with air-con, hot water shower, TV and outside a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and volleyball court. The ... Read the full review of Otres Lodge.

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    3.5 stars USD 35 to 75 1 vote Midrange
  • Otres Orchid

    Otres Orchid

    Go for the bungalows

    Otres Beach, Sihanoukville
    T: (034) 633 8484;

    At Otres Orchid, skip the rooms and choose one of the romantic bungalows set in a lush tropical garden complete with ponds and wooden bridges instead — they’re charming and come with a very ... Read the full review of Otres Orchid.

    3.5 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Done Right

    Done Right


    Otres 1 Beach, Sihanoukville
    T: (034) 630 1100;

    Off the beach, Done Right is a Swiss/Canadian joint venture that prides itself on doing things in a slightly boozy, but very eco kind of way. They used beer cans to build their bar, beer bottles to ... Read the full review of Done Right.

    3 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker

Otres 2 Beach

On the southern tip of the strand this the more mature end of Otres beach, even more laid back, but also more refined than its northern sibling. Impressive high-end hotels mix in with some really decent mid-range boutiques, all with access to the gorgeous, white, tree-lined sands.

Otres riverside

A little enclave tucked in behind Otres Village, Otres Riverside is so laid-back it makes Otres beach look positively frenetic. As concerns grow that many of the beachside businesses may be shut down by authorities, development in this area is growing as many seek to ensure their Plan B is in place, just in case.

  • Wildside Villas Otres

    Wildside Villas Otres

    A beautifully designed complex

    Behind Otres Village
    T: (070) 840 583 ;

    Wildside Villas Otres is a beautifully designed complex with a series of two-storey brick and thatch buildings connected by overhead walkways. Each one houses a small bedroom on the top floor with ... Read the full review of Wildside Villas Otres.

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    4 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Mama Clare's

    Mama Clare's


    Otres Riverside
    T: (070) 256 940;

    Quirky defines everything about this delightful spot. The owner, the eponymous Mama Clare, is ever-present taking care of her guests and, one suspects, half the neighbourhood. She has built up a ... Read the full review of Mama Clare's.

    4 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Hacienda


    Hippy haven

    Otres Riverside
    T: (070) 814 643;

    We were only able to see one dorm room at Hacienda as everything else was fully booked, but it was notable how the very chilled out guests hanging around in the bar looked more than happy with life. ... Read the full review of Hacienda.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker

Sokha Beach

Sokha beach is home to just two resorts, the flash Sokha Beach Resort and the smaller Malibu Bungalows. Both are fine choices.

Sihanoukville town

The guesthouses and hotels in Sihanoukville town are mostly in the centre of town and while there's a broad range of options, overall the beaches are better value.

Independence Beach

Currently there are just a few places to stay here, though that seems to be changing with the reopening of the flashy Independence Hotel.

Ream National Park

  • Monkey Maya

    Monkey Maya

    A jungle-hideaway

    Ream National Park
    T: (078) 760 853;

    A jungle-hideaway with no one else to be seen; a chance to escape from the crowds or just your busy life; a place so chilled out, you might forget to leave. These are all Monkey Maya, and there’s ... Read the full review of Monkey Maya.

    3.5 stars USD 10 to 35 1 vote Flashpacker

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