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  • Where to stay on Indonesia’s Togean Islands

    Where to stay on Indonesia’s Togean Islands

    So many islands so little time.

    Sulawesi’s Togean Islands offer just 10 main non-package orientated places to stay, ranging from firmly backpacker-orientated bungalow operations through to midrange options. The bulk of the ... Read more.

Pulau Batudaka

The westernmost island of Batudaka is home to the main port town of Wakai. At its western end lies Bomba, near where you'll find two resorts, budget-focused Poya Lisa (actually on Pulau Poya, a tiny islet just off the west coast of the island) and Island Retreat on the main island; the resorts are within eyesight of each other.

  • Island Retreat

    Island Retreat

    Pricey but oh so lovely

    Bomba, Pulau Batu Daka
    T: (0852) 4115 8853;

    This is the westernmost of all the accommodation on the Togeans, and what a note to finish on. Run by the very memorable Sylvie, while the snorkelling is nothing to write home about, Island Retreat ... Read the full review of Island Retreat.

    4.5 stars 400,000 to 1,000,000 Rp 1 vote Midrange
  • Poya Lisa

    Poya Lisa


    Pulau Poya
    T: (0812) 3953 8675;

    One of the two bungalow resorts off Bomba in the far southern reaches of the Togeans, Poya Lisa has a bunch of eclectic wooden bungalows scattered around a small beachhead along with a handful of ... Read the full review of Poya Lisa.

    4 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker

Pulau Togean

Despite being one of the largest islands in the group, Sunset Beach at its far western extremity is the only guesthouse on Togean Island itself. The beach is a good size here and the views from the elevated restaurant are tremendous, looking north to Hotel California and Una Una.

  • Sunset Beach

    Sunset Beach

    Uber basic

    Pulau Togean
    T: (0856) 5670 8146;

    This is the closest option to Wakai and while the stilted wooden bungalows are extremely basic -- bring a sleepsheet as fleas can be a problem -- this is an especially friendly spot with food served ... Read the full review of Sunset Beach.

    3 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker

Pulau Kadidiri

Just 30 minutes from Wakai by boat, the small island of Kadidiri has the largest number of places to stay in the archipelago, with three resorts spanning a bay separated by a stone outcrop. They've lost a large amount of their beach over the years (especially towards the western end), and while much of the house reef is as dead as a doornail, the dropoff in front of Paradise and to the right offers some reasonable snorkelling. This island is your best bet if you're showing up in peak season without a reservation, solely because they have so many rooms. Paradise has a long public pier that is great for sunsets with a cold drink, while Black Marlin has a smaller beach platform (for their guests only).

  • Black Marlin Dive Resort

    Black Marlin Dive Resort

    Divers preferred

    Pulau Kadidiri
    T: (0856) 5720 2004;

    We really need to emphasise the dive resort part of the name here as Black Marlin is solidly focused on the dive part of their business. If you don't dive, don't be surprised to have your reservation ... Read the full review of Black Marlin Dive Resort.

    3.5 stars 150,000 to 400,000 Rp 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Lestari


    Cheapest on the beach

    Pulau Kadidiri

    This is the cheapest of the digs on Kadidiri, with two main flavour of lodgings -- newish wooden bungalows between the small restaurant and the water are the best bet, while the cheaper rooms, ... Read the full review of Lestari.

    3 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker
  • Kadidiri Paradise

    Kadidiri Paradise

    The largest resort on the Togeans

    Pulau Kadidiri
    T: (0464) 21 058;

    One of the largest Togean resorts, Kadidiri Paradise is conveniently set just 30 minutes by boat from Wakai. Given its large number of rooms, it can be a first stop for those (like us) who arrive in ... Read the full review of Kadidiri Paradise.

    3 stars 150,000 to 400,000 Rp 1 vote Flashpacker

Near Pulau Katupat

Katupat is one of the smaller islands in the Togeans group, and is home to the same-named village where the Puspita Sita stops. Both the following resorts are actually on small islands opposite and to the northeast of Katupat, a short boat ride away. Fadhila has poor snorkelling but great food while Bolilannga has some good snorkelling behind the island.

  • Fadhila Cottages

    Fadhila Cottages

    A pro outfit

    Pulau Pangempa, opposite Pulau Katupat
    T: (0813) 4117 9990;

    Straight opposite Katupat village, Fadhila is easily the most professionally run of all the places we saw on the Togeans -- and it shows. Despite having just an average beach, it was booked solid for ... Read the full review of Fadhila Cottages.

    4.5 stars 150,000 to 400,000 Rp 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Bolilanga Cottages

    Bolilanga Cottages

    Chilled out

    Pulau Bolilanga, Northeast of Pulau Katupat
    T: (0852) 4100 3685;

    Set on a blip of an island 30 minutes across the water from Fadhila, Bolilanga offers very solid, immaculate wooden bungalows in a couple of configurations on a pleasant yellowish sand beach. The ... Read the full review of Bolilanga Cottages.

    4 stars 150,000 to 400,000 Rp 1 vote Flashpacker

Pulau Malenge

The village of Malenge is about half way along the south coast of the island, with the popular Lestari at its eastern extremity, opposite a Togean/Bajau village on a tiny island. This island is connected to another (and a village) and the eventual main island by a long wooden bridge. It's a scenic spot with a good pier for jumping off, but the house reef provides poor snorkelling. A trail network runs here and there on the island but we didn't try; another traveller who did reported the scenery to be beautiful but the paths very slippery and astonishingly easy to get lost on -- well, he said he was exploring, his wife said he was totally lost. There is a second resort on the island which we didn't visit. You'll find Pondok Indah on the northwest coast of Pulau Malenge.

  • Lestari


    Budget bungalows

    Pulau Malenge

    Lestari sits opposite a small Togean/Bajau village village on an island that is connected to another island and fishing village and eventually the main island. This gives Lestari quite an unusual ... Read the full review of Lestari.

    3 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker

Pulau Walea Kodi

This is the last large island, rounding out the eastern extremity of the Togeans. It is home to a single resort -- the budget orientated Sifa Cottage on its north coast. The upmarket Walea Dive Resort (unreviewed) at the far southern tip of nearby Walea Bahi. Sifa Cottage has one of the best house reefs in the Togeans.

  • Sifa Cottage

    Sifa Cottage

    A gorgeous rustic hideaway

    Pulau Walea Kodi
    T: (0821) 9596 6721;

    This is the most isolated of the budget orientated resorts on the Togeans, some three hours by outrigger to the east of Wakai (or an hour from Malenge or Dolong). It's home to a clutch of solid but ... Read the full review of Sifa Cottage.

    3.5 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker

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