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  • Where to stay on Pulau Weh

    Where to stay on Pulau Weh

    Some idyllic options

    Pulau Weh at the northwestern tip of Indonesia finds a great balance between being basic and unspoiled but having enough infrastructure to keep a typical visitor happy. If you like your tropical ... Read more.


Accommodation is spread across Pulau Weh, but the largest cluster is in the village of Iboih near the best dive sites. Here most guesthouses are basic beach shacks, although more solid structures are being built each year.

  • Erick's Green House

    Erick's Green House

    Great option

    Iboih (first on jungle track)

    Erick's has evolved from a big green house with a communal feel to the bungalow style-accommodation so popular everywhere else. These bungalows are slightly above average, however, because they come ... Read the full review of Erick's Green House.

    4.5 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker
  • Olala Bungalows

    Olala Bungalows

    One of the better options for shacks in Iboih

    Iboih (half way along jungle track)

    Olala is extremely popular primarily because of the fantastic restaurant located on the jungle track which acts as the main thoroughfare for backpackers looking for a room. Bungalows here are much ... Read the full review of Olala Bungalows.

    4 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker
  • Yulia's Bungalows

    Yulia's Bungalows

    A slight improvement on the Iboih standard

    Iboih (end of the jungle track)

    If you're looking for a cheapish room, but something a little better than the Iboih norm, Yulia's is a top choice. Located right at the end of the jungle track, Yulia's has bungalows with share ... Read the full review of Yulia's Bungalows.

    4 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker
  • Wawa Bungalows

    Wawa Bungalows

    Great bathrooms

    Iboih (jungle track, up from O'ong)

    Wawa is located just up the hill from O'ong, towards the far end of the jungle track. This small cluster of rooms doesn't come with a sea view, but each room does have its own private bathroom which ... Read the full review of Wawa Bungalows.

    3.5 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker
  • Iboih Inn

    Iboih Inn

    Overpriced bungalows

    Iboih (jungle track towards the end)
    T: (0811) 841 570;

    Iboih Inn pitches itself as being the premiere lodging in Iboih and it's not far off the mark. The reception and restaurant area is perched right over the ocean and commands spectacular views across ... Read the full review of Iboih Inn.

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    3 stars 150,000 to 400,000 Rp 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Fatima's Bungalows

    Fatima's Bungalows

    Slightly unkempt bungalows

    Iboih (jungle track)

    Fatima's is located about half way down the jungle track to the north of Iboih and is one of the less popular options along the strip. This is mainly due to the bungalows giving a feeling more akin ... Read the full review of Fatima's Bungalows.

    3 stars Under 150,000 Rp 1 vote Backpacker


Set a few kilometres from Iboih on the northwest "arm" of Pulau Weh, Gapang may appeal to those looking for more isolation.

Sumur Tiga

This is a more isolated locale on the eastern side of Pulau Weh.

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