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Huay Xai

Huay Xai has a good range of accommodation from cheap guesthouses through to quite comfortable midrange small hotels. Some of them have Thai mobile numbers so calling ahead from Thailand is an option. The cheapies fill up fast. A few of the guesthouses overlook the Mekong River -- recommended!

  • Phonethip Guesthouse

    Phonethip Guesthouse

    Best choice for those travelling cheap

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 211 084;

    This place just beats Friendship Guesthouse in the ultra-cheapie category mainly because the rooms are brighter and there's not as much broken stuff. As well, the WiFi works in your room, which is ... Read the full review of Phonethip Guesthouse.

    4.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Phonevicith Guesthouse

    Phonevicith Guesthouse

    Sparkling new rooms

    1.5km out of Huay Xai
    T: (084) 211 765;

    Set right on the Mekong next to the slow boat dock, Phonevicith's more expensive, newer rooms have terrific views across the river to Thailand and boast sparkling floors, new beds with reasonable ... Read the full review of Phonevicith Guesthouse.

    4 stars USD 10 to 20 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Kaupjai Guesthouse

    Kaupjai Guesthouse

    Good quality on a budget

    Huay Xai
    T: (020) 5568 3164;

    This guesthouse feels fresh and new compared to many in town and will suit even the fussiest budget traveller. Each room comes with a fairly comfortable bed with newish sheets, bright clean floors, ... Read the full review of Kaupjai Guesthouse.

    4 stars USD 10 to 20 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Riverside Houaysay Hotel

    Riverside Houaysay Hotel

    Rooms with a view

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 211 064;

    This is the best hotel in Huay Xai and it's priced accordingly. The large multi-storey hotel caters to large tour groups and travellers not willing to go cheap and because of that, it's often full in ... Read the full review of Riverside Houaysay Hotel.

    4 stars USD 20 to 50 1 vote Midrange
  • Sabaydee Guesthouse

    Sabaydee Guesthouse

    Clean, simple and central

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 212 252;

    Along with Kaupjai Guesthouse, Sabaydee Guesthouse ranks as the best clean and simple budget accommodation in Huay Xai. Close to the centre of town, the multi-storey concrete building has rooms with ... Read the full review of Sabaydee Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 10 votes Backpacker
  • Thaveesinh Hotel

    Thaveesinh Hotel

    Not bad, but overpriced

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 211 502;

    There's nothing wrong with the rooms at the concrete multistorey monolith that is Thaveesinh. It's just that they're a bit bland for the price and the bed coverings are of the same quality as the ... Read the full review of Thaveesinh Hotel.

    3.5 stars USD 10 to 20 3 votes Flashpacker
  • Oudomphone Guesthouse 2

    Oudomphone Guesthouse 2

    Oldy but a goody

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 211 308;

    Much like Sabaydee Guesthouse across the road, Oudomphone has been around for years offering simple clean rooms to travellers and it has become a popular backpacker choice. They come with a TV and ... Read the full review of Oudomphone Guesthouse 2.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 4 votes Backpacker
  • Phuean Kaew Guesthouse 2

    Phuean Kaew Guesthouse 2

    Budget choice at the slow boat pier

    Huay Xai
    T: (020) 5827 4990;

    Just up the lane from the slow boat pier is Phuean Kaew Guesthouse 2, a new sparkling white two-storey building. The rooms are sparse and basic, but they do come with towels, drinking water and hot ... Read the full review of Phuean Kaew Guesthouse 2.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Gateway Villa Hotel

    Gateway Villa Hotel

    Old facade but updated interior

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 212 180;

    Just across the corner from Phonethip, at the top of the old immigration office/boat crossing ramp, Gateway Villa Hotel offers rooms with hot water bathrooms and Western toilets. The hallways are ... Read the full review of Gateway Villa Hotel.

    3 stars USD 10 to 20 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Friendship Guesthouse

    Friendship Guesthouse

    Popular cheapie

    Huay Xai
    T: (084) 211 219;

    Friendship Guesthouse is one of the most popular cheapies in town despite being rundown and super basic. The beds come with a mattress that manages to be hard and saggy at the same time, old clean ... Read the full review of Friendship Guesthouse.

    2 stars Under USD 10 6 votes Backpacker

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