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Sunset Side

The sunset side of the island is generally more undeveloped than the sunrise side, with a luxury hotel at the northern tip and then shacks all the way to farms in the south. These places all offer stunning sunset views, though in the run-up to dusk, can be unbearably hot -- don't forget your sunscreen.

Sunrise Side

This is the most developed part of the island. At the northern end of this strip it is pretty much a bungalow village with bungalow after bungalow after bungalow running down for a kilometre or so. The quality ranges tremendously: from flimsy bamboo huts with shared bathrooms that will blow away in the next storm, to concete air-con jobs with hot water.

  • Paradise 2 Bungalows

    Paradise 2 Bungalows

    Good build quality

    Don Dhet

    Paradise 2 is located right in Don Dhet village, half way down the island. The bungalows here don't have river views but are good value nonetheless. Each comes with big balcony, a bed with mosquito ... Read the full review of Paradise 2 Bungalows.

    4 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Mr Tho's

    Mr Tho's

    Great communal balcony

    Don Dhet

    The rooms at Mr Tho's are bungalow style and sit right on the edge of the river. The large communal balcony is equipped with hammocks for lounging in and is perfectly shaded throughout the day. The ... Read the full review of Mr Tho's.

    4 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Mama Tanon Guesthouse

    Mama Tanon Guesthouse

    Sloping rooms, great value

    Don Dhet

    The rooms at Mama Tanon are a bit dodgy, but for the price they represent great value. The rooms all front onto a large balcony with hammocks which overlooks the river. The rooms oddly slope so that ... Read the full review of Mama Tanon Guesthouse.

    4 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Don Det Bungalows

    Don Det Bungalows

    Upmarket bungalows

    (020) 2300 4959;(030) 955 3354
    T: Don Dhet;

    These are some of the most expensive bungalows on the island mainly due to their quality construction, spacious balconies and large interiors. They're located on the main sunrise strip across the ... Read the full review of Don Det Bungalows.

    3.5 stars USD 10 to 20 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Dalom Guesthouse

    Dalom Guesthouse

    Fair value air-con rooms

    Don Dhet
    T: (030) 955 1099;

    If you're looking for an air-con room in Don Dhet, there isn't a lot of choice, but Dalom Guesthouse represents fair value. The large concrete rooms are bare and a few of the fixtures are broken, the ... Read the full review of Dalom Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Keo Inpeng Guesthouse

    Keo Inpeng Guesthouse

    Concrete building, good value

    Don Dhet

    Keo Inpeng has four rooms in a concrete building which are beautifully tiled and come with fan, cold water shower and Western toilet. They're inland from the river and don't have any views ... Read the full review of Keo Inpeng Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Phouvang Guesthouse

    Phouvang Guesthouse

    Top spot for lounging

    Don Dhet

    Phouvang's bungalows are neater than some others in Don Dhet with well-painted wooden walls and solid wooden floors. The balconies here overlook the river and it's a top spot for lounging in a ... Read the full review of Phouvang Guesthouse.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Saengchanh Guesthouse

    Saengchanh Guesthouse

    Decent wooden bungalows with hammocks

    Don Dhet

    There are two styles of bungalow at Saengchanh – those with private bathroom and those with shared. All the bathrooms here, whether shared or not, are cold water jobs with Western toilet. The ... Read the full review of Saengchanh Guesthouse.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker

Don Khon Side

This is the least-developed part of the island -- just a handful of sleepy spots that don't get the sunset or the sunrise. They're a good alternative if you want something cheap but away from the crowds.

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