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Tad Lo

There isn't any real luxury accommodation around Tad Lo falls, but there's some decent midrange, and excellent budget accommodation available. Development has been pretty haphazard, with poorly marked budget places packed together so you can't tell one from the next. During the rainy season, the dirt road leading to the bridge can get ridiculously muddy. Still, it's a wonderfully beautiful and laidback locale -- the kind of place you plan to spend a day or two but end up staying much longer.

  • Palamei Guesthouse

    Palamei Guesthouse

    Best budget option in town

    Tad Lo
    T: (030) 962 0192;

    Palamei is a comfortable budget guesthouse on the main through road right across from the intersection. It's incredibly popular and you'll often seen people relaxing in the on-site restaurant or on ... Read the full review of Palamei Guesthouse.

    4.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Jom Guesthouse

    Jom Guesthouse

    As simple as they come

    Tad Lo
    T: (020) 5566 7900;

    Jom Guesthouse is about as simple as they come. A simple bamboo shack sits alone on the property next to the information centre and houses two rooms with a bed and mosquito net. Bathrooms are shared ... Read the full review of Jom Guesthouse.

    4 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Chitphanya Guesthouse

    Chitphanya Guesthouse

    Characterless but comfortable

    Tad Lo
    T: (020) 5669 6799;

    If you're looking for something that isn't a wooden or bamboo bungalow in Tad Lo, Chitphanya Guesthouse might just be the way to go. It's located on the main road just across from the intersection ... Read the full review of Chitphanya Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Sypaseuth Guesthouse

    Sypaseuth Guesthouse

    River views by the bridge

    Tad Lo
    T: (034) 211 890;

    Sypaseuth is a popular choice right on the river next to the bridge. The best rooms are the bungalows overlooking the river which have hot water bathrooms and Western toilets. The rooms in the ... Read the full review of Sypaseuth Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 6 votes Backpacker
  • Sailomyen Guesthouse

    Sailomyen Guesthouse

    Cheap and rustic

    Tad Lo

    You'll rarely find a guesthouse this cheap in Laos and as such you have to wonder why this particular one is so very much so. The rooms are extra basic with just a bed and a fantastic balcony ... Read the full review of Sailomyen Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under USD 10 2 votes Backpacker
  • The Tadlo Lodge

    The Tadlo Lodge

    Best in town

    Tad Lo
    T: (034) 211 889;

    Tad Lo Lodge is the best accommodation in town by a country mile. Massive solid bungalows are dotted around an expansive treed garden which provides respite from the relentless Lao heat. The rooms ... Read the full review of The Tadlo Lodge.

    3.5 stars USD 10 to 20 5 votes Flashpacker
  • Tim Guesthouse

    Tim Guesthouse


    Tad Lo

    Tim's over the years has gained a good reputation, but we have been consistently underwhelmed. We've checked out a number of different rooms over the years and things just don't get any better. The ... Read the full review of Tim Guesthouse.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Saise Guesthouse

    Saise Guesthouse

    Popular with tour groups

    Tad Lo

    You come to Saise for a bit more luxury than what is standard at Tad Lo and they generally deliver. The most expensive rooms come with air-con, plush beds on hardwood floors, massive bathrooms with ... Read the full review of Saise Guesthouse.

    2.5 stars USD 10 to 20 3 votes Flashpacker

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