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North of Khlong Mat beach

Further north of Khlong Mat beach there are two places we found worth a mention. One is our favourite on Ko Kut, the other the most famous.

  • Bann Makok

    Bann Makok

    Look no further

    Khlong Yai Ki, Ko Kut
    T: (081) 643 9488;

    Set on the southern bank of Khlong Yai Ki, Bann Makok absolutely charmed us -- we showed up planning just to do an inspection and promptly booked a stay for the next night. The eclectic rooms are all ... Read the full review of Bann Makok.

    4.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 1 vote Midrange
  • Soneva Kiri

    Soneva Kiri

    Living the high life?

    Laem Pong Lak Uan, Ko Kut
    T: (039) 61 9800; F: (039) 61 9808

    This astonishing resort sits to the north of Captain Hook Resort and offers around 30 super deluxe private villas overlooking a couple of semi-private beaches towards the northern end of Ko Kut. When ... Read the full review of Soneva Kiri.

    4 stars over 8,000B 1 vote Luxury

Khlong Mat beach

This is the tiniest sliver of a beach, though there is a nice pier by the khlong at the fishing village here.

Taphao beach

This long, whitish sand beach has one of Ko Kut's main ferry piers on it alongwith a great resort nearby.

  • Shantaa Resort

    Shantaa Resort


    Ko Kut
    T: (01) 817 9648;

    We'd talked to a couple of Californian guests the day before we visited Shantaa -- they were gushing in their praise -- and we'll have to take their word for it as the resort was full when we visited ... Read the full review of Shantaa Resort.

    4.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 1 vote Midrange

Khlong Chao beachfront

This is one of Ko Kut's best beaches but all the beachfront accommodation is pretty upmarket and not great value.

  • Away


    Oversized rooms

    43/8 Moo 2, Baan Klong Chao
    T: (087) 136 4036;

    Away is first off the rank on your right as you enter Khlong Chao from the north and while some of the rooms and the khlong-side salas offer commanding views of the beach, the resort is unfortunately ... Read the full review of Away.

    4 stars 4,000B to 8,000B 1 vote Toprange

Khlong Chao off the beach

While the beachfront is given over to overpriced resorts, back off the beach, especially along the mangrove-lined river, are some good backpacker/flashpacker options.

Ngam Kho beach

This is a small beach to the south of the more upmarket Khlong Chao. Flashpackers or backpackers willing to put a little more coin down for close beach access will be comfortable here.

  • Koh Kood Ngam Kho Resort

    Koh Kood Ngam Kho Resort

    Flashpacker by the sea

    Southern end of Ngam Kho Beach
    T: (08) 1825 7076;

    Koh Kood Ngam Kho Resort is pushing things by calling itself a resort, but this old-style bungalow joint wedged between Dusita Resort and the southern headland offers sold wood and thatch bungalows ... Read the full review of Koh Kood Ngam Kho Resort.

    4.5 stars Under 600B 6 votes Backpacker
  • Dusita Resort

    Dusita Resort

    Top spot

    Ngam Kho Beach, Ko Kut
    T: (081) 945 9920; F: (02) 935 4166

    We were initially a bit put off Dusita when we walked by along the beach by strings of barbed wire in places and signs on coconut palms declaring don't steal coconuts, don't trespass and don't camp, ... Read the full review of Dusita Resort.

    4 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Hin Dard Resort

    Hin Dard Resort

    Looked promising

    Southern headland, Ngam Kho Beach
    T: (039) 521 359; F: (039) 532 786

    Hin Dard Resort sits atop the southern headland that separates Ngam Kho beach from Bang Bao beach to the south. The bungalows here are oversized with air-con within and hot-water, ... Read the full review of Hin Dard Resort.

    3.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 1 vote Midrange
  • Happy Days

    Happy Days

    Friendly and clean guest house

    Off Ngam Kho Beach, Ko Kut
    T: (087) 144 5945;

    Happy Days is set in a two-storey building just back off the non-beach side of the road between S-Beach Resort and Dusita Resort. Rooms are simple and well kept, with hammocks strung along the upper ... Read the full review of Happy Days.

    3.5 stars 600B to 1,500B 2 votes Flashpacker
  • Jimmy Huts

    Jimmy Huts

    Cheap huts good food

    Well off the beach, south of Ngam Kho

    Off the beach and just to the north of the turn-off to Koh Kood Resort, Jimmy Hut has a handful of old-school wooden bungalows right beside the Chiang Mai Restaurant. These are very much no-frills ... Read the full review of Jimmy Huts.

    3 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker

Sai Daeng beach

Just the one resort has access to this beach (though anyone can visit). Backpackers after a longer stay may want to try and haggle down one of the overpriced basic huts here to arrange some bargain beach access.

  • A-Na-Lay


    A mixed bag

    Northern headland, Haad Sai Daeng, Ko Kut
    T: (039) 52 0318;

    A-Na-Lay sits on the southern side of the northern headland occupied by Hin Dard Resort along with most of Sai Daeng Beach. It has a bunch of room options, from simple thatch huts with shared ... Read the full review of A-Na-Lay.

    3 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 1 vote Midrange

Bang Bao beach

Bang Bao is a very solid beach with a handful of midrange options. Backpackers are mostly priced out but flashpackers and families will be most comfortable on the northern rim of the bay.

  • Koh Kood Resort

    Koh Kood Resort

    Solid flashpacker to midrange value

    Bang Bao Bay
    T: (08) 1829 7751;

    Koh Kood Resort is a sprawling resort at the northern end of Bang Bao Bay and offers solid and spacious though peculiarly designed wooden bungalows spread across the rise running back from their ... Read the full review of Koh Kood Resort.

    4 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • The Beach Resort

    The Beach Resort

    Quiet retreat with great staff

    Bang Bao, Ko Kut
    T: (086) 009 9420;

    This property needs to sort out their signposting as it's sometimes The Beach Resort and others The Beach Natural Resort. Regardless of which name you go with, this very popular joint offers ... Read the full review of The Beach Resort.

    3.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 3 votes Midrange
  • Sand and Sea

    Sand and Sea

    Isolated backpacker option

    Southern end of Bang Bao

    The very simple and almost dollhouse-like bungalows at Sand and Sea sit on the southern headland on Bang Bao and while they can be reached by road it is an absolute shocker -- we'd recommend parking ... Read the full review of Sand and Sea.

    3 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Siam Beach Resort

    Siam Beach Resort

    Bright rooms drab interiors

    Bang Bao Bay, Ko Kut
    T: (081) 917 2447;

    Siam Beach Resort occupies most of the real beachfront on Bang Bao and they've filled much of their landscape with orange-roofed bungalows in a variety of flavours. The cheapest fan-cooled bungalows ... Read the full review of Siam Beach Resort.

    2 stars 600B to 1,500B 5 votes Flashpacker

Ao Ta Khian

Down a very bumpy and rocky road, Ao Ta Khian is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It's home to the very upmarket Cham's House and something more interesting at the northern end of the beach.

  • Pa Hin Sai

    Pa Hin Sai

    Rustic flashpacker style

    Northern end of Ao Ta Khian

    The very rustic Pa Hin Sai runs along the northern edge of glorious To Khian beach and that is every bit what you are paying for -- the beach. The wooden bungalows are each a little different but ... Read the full review of Pa Hin Sai.

    3.5 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker

Khlong Hin beach

East-west running Khlong Hin beach is the epicentre of the Russian short-trip scene and things can get hectic -- at least within the main resort here, which we do not recommend. Luckily the beach has enough space for everyone.

  • In Love

    In Love

    For lovers wanting to dodge the tour groups?

    Eastern end of Khlong Hin, past the canal
    T: (082) 131 3223;

    Koh Kood In Love sits at the eastern end of the beach, on the far side of the khlong and nestled back into the mangroves. We weren't able to see inside a room as we couldn't find anyone working here ... Read the full review of In Love.

    3.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 1 vote Midrange

Ao Jak

Home to a single resort (the A-frame huts to the east were not in business when we visited), this could be a solid family getaway, depending on how busy it gets.

Ao Phrao beach

The southernmost of Ko Kut's developed beaches, Ao Phrao has three options, two of which are firmly focussed on Russian tour groups.

  • For Rest

    For Rest

    Stay over the mangroves

    Western end of Ao Phrao beach
    T: (081) 959 5858;

    For Rest is wedged into the small fishing village at the western end of Ko Kut's Ao Phrao beach. It's set on stilts over water and surrounded in part by mangroves. We arrived with high expectations ... Read the full review of For Rest.

    3 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker

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