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Most of the dirt-cheap rooms in Trat's atmospheric old quarter will remind veteran travellers of the Thai guesthouses that were far more prevalent back in the 1980s and '90s. Up in the City Centre, those who prefer a more straightforward cheap hotel will find a couple of options.

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Trat, old quarter

Most of the guesthouses are clustered along the old quarter streets of Rhak Muang and Thana Charoen just south of the city centre. It's an easy 10-minute stroll from here to the markets. We've listed our favourites of the cheap spots, but you'll find several others and there's often very little to differentiate one from the next.

  • Ban Jaidee Guesthouse

    Ban Jaidee Guesthouse

    Clean with an antiquarian style

    67-69 Chaimongkol Rd, Trat
    T: (083) 589 0839;

    Set in a lovingly restored heritage house, Ban Jaidee captures Trat's old town spirit better than any other guesthouse. With several sofas and tables below high ceilings, off-white wooden walls and ... Read the full review of Ban Jaidee Guesthouse.

    4.5 stars Under 600B 7 votes Backpacker
  • Rimklong Boutique Hotel

    Rimklong Boutique Hotel


    194 Rhak Muang Rd, Trat
    T: (039) 523 388;

    Those with a little more cash to flash should look no further than Rimklong, which offers good value for high quality accommodation that would easily go for 2,500 baht or more on Ko Chang. With a ... Read the full review of Rimklong Boutique Hotel.

    4 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Residang Residence

    Residang Residence

    A solid choice

    87 1-2 Than Charoen Rd, Trat
    T: (039) 530 103;

    The Residang has been around since 1998, and a series of renovations have kept it towards the front of the budget pack -- though you won't find 150 baht rooms here. The bigger rooms are large and ... Read the full review of Residang Residence.

    4 stars Under 600B 6 votes Backpacker
  • Artist's Place

    Artist's Place

    Something different

    East end of Thana Charoen Rd, Trat
    T: (082) 469 1900;

    A newish addition to Trat's accommodation scene, Artist's Place aims to stretch the imagination. Like all art, whether it succeeds is a matter of opinion, but the effort is appreciated nonetheless. A ... Read the full review of Artist's Place.

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    3.5 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker
  • N.P. Guesthouse

    N.P. Guesthouse

    Sturdier than most

    Soi Yai On (between Rhak Muang and Thana Charoen), Trat
    T: (039) 512 270;

    Set in a building made of concrete rather than thin wood and rusty tin, N.P. is a bit more spacious, cleaner and quieter than most of the competitors. Well-kept rooms have a cheerful air thanks to ... Read the full review of N.P. Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • James Guesthouse

    James Guesthouse

    Laidback homestay

    45/1 Lak Muang Rd, Trat
    T: (087) 137 9983;

    Set in a quaint old teakwood house hidden down a tiny alley that feels more like a tunnel, James Guesthouse is more of a homestay with a few spare rooms upstairs that have been opened for guests. The ... Read the full review of James Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Garden Home Guesthouse

    Garden Home Guesthouse

    Charming cheapie

    87/1 Rad-anuson Rd (across the main drag from the west end of Thana Charoen Rd)
    T: (039) 521 018;

    Run by a sweet and friendly older woman in an easy-to-find location, Garden Home remains one of the best of Trat's dirt-cheap guesthouses. Most rooms are set back from the main road off a corridor ... Read the full review of Garden Home Guesthouse.

    3.5 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker

Trat, city centre

A few large utilitarian hotels are found in the middle of town near the hospital and markets. While this area lacks the charm of the old quarter, it places you closer to the bus station and is suited to those who prefer large Thai-style hotels to small guesthouses.

  • Trad Hotel

    Trad Hotel

    Old standby

    40 Vitchitchanya Road
    T: (039) 511 091;

    Set in a tall and featureless cement structure, this long-running Chinese-style hotel resembles an early '70s Communist reeducation centre, or possibly a prison, but the rooms aren't half bad. ... Read the full review of Trad Hotel.

    3 stars Under 600B 2 votes Backpacker
  • S.A. Hotel

    S.A. Hotel

    Comfortable but characterless

    45 Terdjaray Rd (off Sukhumvit just south of the hospital), Trat
    T: (039) 524 572; F: (039) 524 411

    Situated in an unexciting white concrete rectangle down a side street marked by a blue-and-white sign along the main drag, S.A. offers reasonably comfortable rooms with no semblance of character. ... Read the full review of S.A. Hotel.

    2.5 stars Under 600B 2 votes Backpacker

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