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Accommodation in Mae Hong Son town get the job done, even if most of the rooms aren't very memorable. For something different, consider staying in the outskirts of town.

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Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son has plenty of accommodation but given its size, surprisingly few worthwhile places to stay. You certainly won't see the range of choice you get in Pai and while the tourist information map of town shows some 50 hotels and guesthouses, only a scant selection remains by the time you’ve eliminated motel-like blocks (probably short-time trade only), fancy Thai resorts with only Thai-script signs, hotels that use a two-tier pricing system (charging supplements because you're foreign) and backpacker spots built 20 years ago missing the word "maintenance" in their vocabularies. Tourism’s been slow in Mae Hong Son of late so several of the latter category have closed down altogether and there’s little to be seen in the way of new blood. Far more Western tourists these days are heading east after Pai and Chiang Mai and travelling to Laos, rather than heading west, while for Thais this region has become old hat -- apparently equally remote (and cold in winter) Loei province
is becoming the new Mae Hong Son.

As with Pai, there is frequently a seasonal rate system in place, so you'll find some good deals in low season, but some places are well overpriced during the high. Several decent midrange choices are nonetheless scattered around town and a whole bunch of budget spots, some of which aren’t bad, are concentrated around the lake, but bear in mind that whatever impression other guides may give, none of them are actually beside the lake, which is surrounded by a public park and a road on three sides. The best you're going to do is one of the places to the north, which looks onto it, or Piya, which is right across the road from it.

A bunch of guesthouses and chalet resorts also sprawl up the hill behind town to the right and left of Makasanti Road and its side tracks. These already have a rural feel even though they’re not more than a kilometre or two from the centre of town but note the return journey would be uphill. We’re in two minds about this area: some of the accommodation is very good indeed but you’re in the outskirts of a small Thai provincial town, which may mean long walks home fighting off dog packs or being reduced to hiring motorbikes just to go and drink a beer or have a meal. If you just want to chill out in a pleasant garden, it's fine, but if you want to make the most of what the town has to offer it maybe isn’t the most practical.

Some pretty good possibilities also lie in the villages surrounding the town, but then again, if you wanted to be in a small village, why didn't you just stay in Soppong? Mae Hong Son is a lovely spot, but do keep in mind that Western tourism seems to have peaked here around 20 years ago and no one's bothered too much to build anything new with foreigners in mind or often to even maintain what were decent guesthouses back in the day.

  • Kiang Doi House

    Kiang Doi House

    A fine spot

    Udon Chai Nithet Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 611 167, (087) 105 0254;

    A relatively new entry into Mae Hong Son’s guesthouse range is this fine little spot with friendly staff, a central location, cheap, clean rooms and great coffee. It’s on Udon Chai Nithet Road ... Read the full review of Kiang Doi House.

    4 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Jongkham Place

    Jongkham Place

    Wooden chalets near the lake

    4/2 Odon Chaonithat Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 614 294;

    Jongkham Place may only have a handful of chalets but they are quite lovely ones set in a small yet beautifully tended garden close to (but not by) the lake. The tastefully designed wooden chalets, ... Read the full review of Jongkham Place.

    4 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Ngamta Hotel

    Ngamta Hotel

    Central and spotless

    5-9 Khunlumpapas Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 612 793-4;

    Located at the junction of Khunlumpapas and Udom Chaonithet Roads, the relatively new Ngamta Hotel is a welcome addition to the midrange selection in Mae Hong Son. If you can overlook its bright ... Read the full review of Ngamta Hotel.

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    4 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Piya Guest House

    Piya Guest House

    Great location

    1/1 Khunlumphrapat Soi 3 (official address -- it's really on Pradit Jongkham Rd), Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 611 260; F: (053) 612 308

    Piya’s occupies a prime piece of real estate in town: right by the edge of picturesque Jongkham lake and opposite the town’s iconic Shan-style wats. The long-running spot hashad a decent ... Read the full review of Piya Guest House.

    4 stars 600B to 1,500B 5 votes Flashpacker
  • Panorama Hotel

    Panorama Hotel

    Comfortable and clean

    51 Khunlumprapas Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (081) 646 7229 ; F: (053) 611 790

    Considering a good location, value for money, comfort levels and helpful staff, Panorama is certainly one of the best options in Mae Hong Son. Yes, it is situated on the main road into town, but Mae ... Read the full review of Panorama Hotel.

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    4 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Baiyoke Chalet

    Baiyoke Chalet

    Good central, midrange option

    90 Khunlamprapas Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 613 132-9; F: (053) 611 533

    Not to be confused with Baiyoke Tower, which is much bigger and located in Bangkok, Baiyoke Chalet has a very central location on the main street, just down from the 7-eleven and diagonally opposite ... Read the full review of Baiyoke Chalet.

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    4 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 2 votes Midrange
  • Mae Hong Son Mountain Inn and Resort

    Mae Hong Son Mountain Inn and Resort

    Very nice but expensive

    112/2 Khunlamprapas Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 611 803; F: (053) 612 284

    Slightly out of town on the main highway leading south to Mae Sariang, Mountain Inn and Resort is large and well laid out, boasting a cafe, restaurant, a spacious reception with plentiful staff and a ... Read the full review of Mae Hong Son Mountain Inn and Resort.

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    3.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 1 vote Midrange
  • Friend House

    Friend House

    Cheapest in town

    20 Phadit Jongkham Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 620 119;

    Friend House is about the cheapest you’ll find in town, but it has clean rooms, set in a large teak and cement building in a central location. The lime green painted ground floor might be a bit off ... Read the full review of Friend House.

    3 stars Under 600B 3 votes Backpacker
  • Palm House

    Palm House

    Uninspiring setting but pretty good rooms

    22/1 Chamnansahait Rd, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 614 022;

    Palm House is one of your better options out of a fairly poor selection in the lake area. Set back one block from the lakeside on a quiet residential street, its appearance is uninspiring -- a ... Read the full review of Palm House.

    3 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker

Outskirts of town

As with Pai, accommodation spreads out from the town centre to include many of the Shan villages situated in the valley to the north and south of Mae Hong Son. (East and west is mountainous and contains hilltribe villages.) Some of these resorts are very nice if you're prepared to spend a few baht but decent budget options in these villages are hard to find and most appear to cater to the domestic tourism trade. The villages to the immediate south of Mae Hong Son town are strung out along the main road but to the north of town there is a more extensive network of back country roads and there are some cute out of the way Shan villages to be found, though some have been somewhat spoilt by the new four-lane Mae Hong Son ring road. As tourism in Mae Hong Son has stagnated somewhat of late, some of these further flung resorts have been the first to suffer and many have closed down.

  • Fern Resort

    Fern Resort


    64 Moo 10, Pha Bong, Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 686 110; F: (053) 686 111

    This delightful spot is well out of the way but certainly worth the effort of getting to. It has great rooms, a pleasant restaurant and bar, campfire area and swimming pool as well as lots of local ... Read the full review of Fern Resort.

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    4.5 stars 1,500B to 4,000B 4 votes Midrange
  • Sang Tong Huts

    Sang Tong Huts

    Beautiful bamboo and wooden huts

    250 Moo 11 (off Makasanti Road), Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 611 680, (094) 229 0543 ;

    Sang Tong is one of the town’s oldest guesthouses -- it was established in 1987 -- and is a correspondingly well organised and fine tuned operation. They boast a large range of beautiful bamboo and ... Read the full review of Sang Tong Huts.

    4 stars 600B to 1,500B 2 votes Flashpacker
  • Pana Huts

    Pana Huts

    Charming wooden bungalows in a rural spot

    Mae Hong Son
    T: (053) 614 331;

    Pana is one of the first places you reach up the hill off Makasanti Road. It’s certainly a quiet spot -- and the resident hounds were peaceable -- and offers a choice of rooms in a bamboo ... Read the full review of Pana Huts.

    4 stars Under 600B 3 votes Backpacker

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