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Haad Paradorn

Haad Paradorn isn't a particularly nice beach, but if you're determined to stay here there are a few options.

Haad Sairee

Like Haad Paradorn, the beach here is no great shakes, but there is a better range of accommodation available.

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    Had Sai Resort

    On the nicest stretch of haad Sairee

    99/6-7 Moo 7, Hat Sairee Rd, Haad Sairee
    T: (077) 558 028; F: (077) 558 242

    This is the only actual resort on haad Sairee, and it's not too bad. The beach is at it's nicest down here, and this is where the road dead ends, so there isn't much traffic passing between the ... Read the full review of Had Sai Resort.

    3 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Kumsairee Resort

    Kumsairee Resort

    Fairly decent a-frames

    Towards the end of the beach road, Haad Sairee
    T: (077) 558 24455;

    Kumsairee Resort has nice-looking, fairly decent, A-frame bungalows on a road just off the beach road. You'll get a slightly better value at the Hat Sai Resort further down, but there's a restaurant ... Read the full review of Kumsairee Resort.

    3 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Suk Sanran Bungalows

    Suk Sanran Bungalows

    Wooden bungalows are kind of cute

    Haad Sairee Rd, Chumphon

    The little wooden bungalows definitely have a certain charm, but the new air-con ones are cramped and crappy. There's no sign on the road, but look for the green rooves behind Sai Ree Seafood ... Read the full review of Suk Sanran Bungalows.

    2.5 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker

Thung Makham

There is just the one place to stay on the twin beaches of Thung Makham.

  • M.T. Resort

    M.T. Resort

    Prices have surged

    On Thung Makham Bay
    T: (077) 558 153;

    This place used to be known as Mother House Resort--renown for it's small, comfy, 300 THB bungalows. People still show up here looking for them, only trouble is, Mother installed air-con in all the ... Read the full review of M.T. Resort.

    2 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker

Haad Thung Wua Laen

The accommodation of Haad Thung Wua Laen isn't great value and overpricing can be a bit of an issue.

  • The View Resort

    The View Resort

    The stand-out choice

    Moo 8, Saphli Rd,Haad Thung Wua Laen

    The View is a real stand-out in terms of accommodation on Thung Wua Laen. They have a line of attractive, cottage style bungalows right on the beach that are a good value, especially if don't need ... Read the full review of The View Resort.

    4 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Seabeach Bungalows

    Seabeach Bungalows

    Cheapest on the beach road

    4/2 Moo 8, Saphli Rd, Haad Thung Wua Laen
    T: (077) 560 115;

    The Seabeach has no atmosphere to speak of, but it has the cheapest bungalows on the beach road--if you can live without TV, air-con, fridge and hot water. All of those are available in the more ... Read the full review of Seabeach Bungalows.

    3.5 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    The Chumphon Cabana Resort

    Good spot on the beach

    Haad Thunag Wua Laen
    T: (077) 560 245-9; F: (077) 560 247

    In a nice spot on the southern end of the beach, the Cabana has cool, leafy grounds, a large staff, and a huge pool. It was probably the first place on the beach, and is unfortunately something of a ... Read the full review of The Chumphon Cabana Resort.

    3 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Clean Wave Resort

    Clean Wave Resort

    Pricey for what you get

    54 Moo 8, Thung Wua Laen Beach
    T: (077) 560 151-2; F: (077) 560 152

    Clean Wave Resort has small, cool, but stark concrete bungalows--not on the beach. The suites are strangely sparse and provide uncomfortable living rooms. Pricey for what you get, and the place has ... Read the full review of Clean Wave Resort.

    2.5 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker

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