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Ton Sai Beach

This is the arrival point for Ko Phi Phi. The pier is at the centre, with most resorts out to the east. Behind the beach is Ton Sai village.

Ton Sai village

Quite simply central Ton Sai village parties late. If you're on a budget, like a party, late night food, don't mind touts and can handle things with a good grace then this is for you.

Ao Lo Dalam

Before the tsunami, this was Phi Phi's most popular beach to stay on. It's still to recover fully, but as long you don't mind the noise from the bars, this is a popular area.

Long Beach

This very pretty strip of sand used to be Phi Phi's backpacker beach, but they've been priced back to the village now and it's flashpacker and up here now.

Ao Toh Ko

This blip of a beach sits just to the south of Rantee Bay or a 30-minute scrabble over the rocks to the north of Lo Moo Dee. It's a very pretty beach and there is good snorkelling here.

Rantee Beach

Rantee should be oh so much better than it is, but the bungalows, for whatever reason, just don't appear to be able to get their act together.

  • Rantee Remember

    Rantee Remember

    The budget option of a very average bunch

    Rantee Beach

    The oddly named Rantee Remember has two main styles of rooms, wood and thatch bungalows facing the beach and a single row of uninspiring concrete bungalows running back from the beach behind the ... Read the full review of Rantee Remember.

    3 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Rantee Sunrise

    Rantee Sunrise

    Mediocre huts but friendly people

    Rantee Beach

    The staff at Rantee Sunrise were friendly enough, but the handful of once simple huts sitting directly on the sand are really pretty dire and we're really only listing them because they are open ... Read the full review of Rantee Sunrise.

    2.5 stars Under 600B 1 vote Backpacker
  • Rantee Hut

    Rantee Hut

    In transition

    Rantee Beach

    Rantee Hut went on a massive expansion splurge a few years ago, with some quite luxurious plans, but got caught out by the economic dramas and the owner ran out of cash. What remains is a range of ... Read the full review of Rantee Hut.

    2.5 stars 600B to 1,500B 1 vote Flashpacker

Pak Nam Beach

Pak Nam is set between Rantee and Lo Bakao and is home to a single excellent flashpacker spot. If you don't mind the isolated location, and it fits your budget, look no further.

Ao Lo Bakao

Home to one of Ko Phi Phi's most exclusive resorts, Lo Bakao is a very pretty beach with a shallow drop, making it good for kids.

Laem Thong

The most isolated area on Phi Phi, Laem Thong is a bit of a luxury haven, but even if you can't afford to stay here it makes for a pleasant day trip.

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