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Most of the accommodation is to be found along a north-south stretch of Highway 1 as it passes through Vinh, which changes it's name from Quang Trung, to Le Loi, to Mai Hac De in the course of a few kilometres. If you're going to spend any quality time in Vinh, we recommend finding a place to stay elsewhere -- that is, any place listed below that isn't on one of those three streets. If you want to stay near the bus station and you want to save money, you might check out one of the many Nha Tro (boarding houses) that offer squalid, but tolerable, rooms for as little as 35,000 VND a night.

  • Phuong Dong Hotel

    Phuong Dong Hotel

    A good option, with a pool

    2 Truong Thi, Vinh
    T: (038) 562 299; F: (038) 562 562

    This giant building on the roundabout near the Central City Park is hard to miss. It's a good alternative for to the Saigon Kimlien for the mid-range traveller -- they have a swimming pool, though ... Read the full review of Phuong Dong Hotel.

    3.5 stars USD 20 to 50 1 vote Midrange
  • Saigon Kimlien Hotel

    Saigon Kimlien Hotel

    A safe bet with no surprises

    25 Quang Trung, Vinh
    T: (038) 383 8899; F: (038) 383 8898

    Not to be confused with the Saigon Kimlien Resort on Cua Lo beach, this is the down town incarnation of the ubiquitous Saigon hotel chain -- a three-star outfit without a pool. It's at the southern ... Read the full review of Saigon Kimlien Hotel.

    3 stars USD 20 to 50 1 vote Midrange
  • Giao Te Hotel

    Giao Te Hotel

    Cheapest hotel rooms we found

    9 Duong Ho Tung Mau, Vinh
    T: (038) 843 175; F: (038) 596 249

    The Giao Te is located just to the north of the Central City Park. The street isn't as heavily trafficked as Quang Trung, et al, to the west, but it's still a wide impersonal boulevard without a lot ... Read the full review of Giao Te Hotel.

    3 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • No pic at the moment -- Sorry!

    Huu Nghi Hotel

    A good fall-back option

    74 Le Loi, Vinh
    T: (038) 384 4633; F: (038) 384 2813

    This high-rise place up the street from the Phu Nguyen Hai is a good fall-back option in the mid-range. You'll save a few bucks off a stay at the Saigon Kimlien, and you won't take too big a hit in ... Read the full review of Huu Nghi Hotel.

    3 stars USD 10 to 20 1 vote Flashpacker
  • Hoa Binh II

    Hoa Binh II

    Our top pick in Vinh

    Side-street south of 226 Tran Phu, Vinh
    T: (038) 358 2461;

    This is our top pick for a sane and comfortable stay in hectic Vinh. It's a family run place in a light green building that's cute as a basket of puppies. The rooms are a bit spare, but very spacious ... Read the full review of Hoa Binh II.

    2.5 stars Under USD 10 1 vote Backpacker
  • Phu Nguyen Hai

    Phu Nguyen Hai

    An easy choice

    81 Le Loi, Vinh
    T: (038) 848 429; F: (038) 832 014

    This is an easy choice, if not the best value, if you want to stay right near the bus station. The trucks coursing up and down Highway 1 pass right by here with their horns blaring, and it takes a ... Read the full review of Phu Nguyen Hai.

    2 stars USD 10 to 20 1 vote Flashpacker

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