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Vung Tau - back beach

Back beach is the eastern facing side of the Vung Tau peninsula and is the home of the vast majority of semi-budget guesthouses and mid-range resorts, with the latter tending to be spread out along the front. If it's a budget hotel in the 200,000-300,000 dong range you're looking for, then hunt around the southern end of the beach. Mini hotels line the streets, and most range from grubby to passable. Two of the better ones are mentioned below, Son Thinh and Thu Trang. Back Beach is only a five minute drive or a fifteen minute walk from the city centre. Thuy Van St runs the length of the beach, lined on both sides by resorts and restaurants. The southern end is a little more lively and public than the northern end, where resorts tend to take a chunk of the beach for themselves.

Dic Star Hotel
Toprange - US$50 to 100
169B Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 585 537

Dic Star is a four-star hotel with a dazzling array of facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, health club, nightclub, a rooftop bar, tennis court and a casino. If you ever need to leave, the beach is just over the road, and there's also convenient access to the numerous seafood restaurants in the area. The rooms are tastefully decorated with wooden flooring and modern furnishings -- the... Read our full review of Dic Star Hotel.

Son Thinh Hotel II
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
19 Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 859 288

Son Thinh II is one of the best of the numerous budget guesthouses that line the seafront. For a start, it's cheaper than most. Secondly, it makes a lot more effort with its rooms. Although not too big, the interiors are decked in wooden ornaments and furnishings, creating what may be the only cheap seaside hotel in Vietnam that has character. The elevator is a tidy surprise, there is also a... Read our full review of Son Thinh Hotel II.

Binh Minh Cable Car Resort
Midrange - US$20 to 50
1A Tran Phu, Vung Tau
T: (09) 3301 0654

The coastal city of Vung Tau, 90 minutes from Saigon by way of hydrofoil, is a popular destination for those looking to escape the big city. Although it’s a beach town, getting off the beach can lead to some interesting finds, including the Binh Minh Cable Car Resort, just up the hill from Vung Tau’s Front Beach. Riding in style. This is one of the more interesting hotels in Vung Tau for a... Read our full review of Binh Minh Cable Car Resort.

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Paradise Resort
Midrange - US$20 to 50
1 Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 811 559

Paradise is one of a few bungalow-style resorts at the northern end of Back Beach. Indeed, Paradise is someway from the main beach road and even further from the town centre, so some kind of transport would be needed to ferry yourself to and from the accommodation. The bungalows themselves are adequate, and probably the best in Vung Tau -- they're situated in a garden just above the beach and... Read our full review of Paradise Resort.

Son Thuy Resort
Midrange - US$20 to 50
165C Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 523 460

This resort consists of nine buildings, each housing four bungalows, actually more like small furnished apartments in one big bungalow. Included in the fee is breakfast, swimming pool and the tennis court. The location of the resort, set back a little from the road, makes it a fairly quiet place, although the scenery around the accommodation isn't much to look at. Still, the beach is only a short... Read our full review of Son Thuy Resort.

VungTau Intourco Resort
Midrange - US$20 to 50
1A Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 585 881

Spread over two hectares, this resort boasts a range of choices. Detached luxury bungalows fill the garden area of one part of the resort, but they're a bit close to the road. The swimming pool is also out here in the garden, and the beach of course a mere stones throw away -- considering Vung Tau Intourco has a long stretch of the shore to itself, it's one of the best spots on Back Beach. Other... Read our full review of VungTau Intourco Resort.

Thu Trang
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
67 Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 859 781

Thu Trang is a typical Vung Tau seaside hotel. Situated on the beach road, the location is ideal for those keen to be near the beach. The hotel's rooms are basic with little furniture, but they are not too cramped either. The bigger family rooms are at the front of the hotel, with smaller doubles housed in the interior -- these have small windows and no real view. TV's are inside along with... Read our full review of Thu Trang.

Sammy Hotel
Midrange - US$20 to 50
157 Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 854 755

Sammy is a big old seafront hotel which would look just as comfortable on a windswept English promenade; however the clientele would put paid to any illusions of tea and scones. The hotel is popular with Chinese and Taiwanese groups, and big groups at that. The hotel looks in need of a lick of paint, with draughty corridors giving a real desolate feel. Inside the rooms things barely get better,... Read our full review of Sammy Hotel.

Thuy Van
Midrange - US$20 to 50
115 Thuy Van St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 521 002

Thuy Van is a popular hotel for Vietnamese tour groups. Despite its looming presence and distinctive shape, it's only rated as a two star. Inside the rooms are basic but passable -- for a few dollars extra you may as well upgrade to a three star. You many find large groups of young Vietnamese sharing rooms, so it could be a bit on the noisy side. Breakfast is included, and there is a rooftop bar... Read our full review of Thuy Van.

Vung Tau - front beach

Vung Tau's town centre is housed around Front Beach, which is more of a harbour than a beach. During the evening, the locals stream up and down the seafront dropping into the coffee shops or stopping to hangout on the quay wall. All western style entertainment is housed on this side of the peninsular, but options are a little more spartan.

Grand Hotel
Toprange - US$50 to 100
2 Nguyen Du St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 856 888

The business card says Just what you will expect, presumably it means what you'd expect from a four-star hotel -- if that's the case then they're right. The hotel is certainly grand, with a huge marble lined lobby and an equally large ground-floor restaurant. On the first floor there's a bar, gym and swimming pool. Inside, rooms are big and breezy, with furnishings being satisfactory. The feel is... Read our full review of Grand Hotel.

Rex Hotel
Midrange - US$20 to 50
1 Le Quy Don St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 852 135

The Rex is one of the most characteristic hotels in town. The old colonial building has a large atrium alongwhich the rooms are lined. The paint is faded and in some places peeling, but somehow it doesn't offend -- it only adds to the atmosphere of this old place. The rooms are good, with carpeted floors, TV, air-con and fridge. It looks like they have been recently refurbished, although the... Read our full review of Rex Hotel.

Royal Hotel
Midrange - US$20 to 50
36 Quang Trung St, Vung Tau
T: (064) 859 852

Royal is an old and frumpy place, painted in a garish cream, however somehow it manages to retain some appeal. While there's no elevator, rooms are actually very good, all with ADSL, TV, a safe, mini bar and air-con. However, there seemed to be a pungent smell lingering, a kind of musty odour that was indescribable -- but don't worry, you'd get used to it. The Royal shares the swimming pool area... Read our full review of Royal Hotel.

Long Hai

Some 30km northeast of Vung Tau, Long Hai is home to some high-end resorts suitable for a genuine dose of relaxation.

Anoasis Beach Resort
Luxury - over US$100
Ky Van, Long Hai
T: (064) 868 227

Anoasis is a luxury resort built on a Long Hai hillside, an all in one paradise -- the kind of place you could never leave. The French ownership has obviously contributed to the charm of the resort and the accommodation ranges from cottage and family bungalows to pavilion suites and two ocean villas complete with Jacuzzis. Pavilion rooms are more reminiscent of a Spanish villa than Vietnam.... Read our full review of Anoasis Beach Resort.

Long Hai Beach Resort
Luxury - over US$100
Provincial Road 44, Long Hai
T: (064) 661 355

Long Hai Beach Resort has a Chinese character, rather than its European style neighbour along the road at Anoasis. Bungalows are set in a tropical garden, with narrow, manicured pathways winding through the resort eventually finishing at the seafront. The accommodation is modest in size, although still luxurious. Sea views from the terrace are limited unless you're situated down at the front of... Read our full review of Long Hai Beach Resort.

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