Photo: Cham Tower, Phan Thiet.


Phan Thiet

There are no real deals in Phan Thiet: the base prices reflected below hold true everywhere. You could save two dollars by staying in a crap-hole miles and miles from the beach, but we aren't even gonna go there. There's only a smattering of accommodation on the beach proper, with some decent places off the beach worth considering if proximity to water isn't your top priority.

Binh Minh Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
Le Loi St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 823 344

The Binh Minh, across from Phan Thiet's beach, is a solid mid-range option -- especially if you cringe at the prices at the Novotel, but don't want to slum it in a guest house. This two-star outfit has rooms in a pair of buildings separated by a courtyard. The seaview rooms are the most expensive, but the ones at the rear of the back building have very pretty views of the adjacent, pond, covered... Read our full review of Binh Minh Hotel.

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Cong Nhi Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
76 Tuyen Quang St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 829 333

This colourful place, located on a quiet side-street, is a standout among the 'off the beach' options. It's a two-star place that features clean, crisp rooms -- some of them have bay windows with built-in desks that might actually inspire you to sit down and write those postcards you've been putting off. The rooms are on six floors, though the elevator was busted when we visited. There's a cheap,... Read our full review of Cong Nhi Hotel.

Novotel Ocean Dunes and Golf Resort
Luxury - over US$100
1 Ton Duc Thang St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 822 393

This is the only true luxury option in town -- a four-star outfit with a crystal-clear swimming pool, tennis courts, jet-ski rentals, as well as kayaking, tubing, and waterskiing all on their own private patch of beachfront property. The sprawling, verdant golf course across the way makes for a very pleasant atmosphere even if you don't golf. Most of the rooms are in a large, rather... Read our full review of Novotel Ocean Dunes and Golf Resort.

Hai Van Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
102 Thu Khoa Huan St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 823 783

The Hai Van features a large statue of the Virgin Mary on the third floor, which is lit up at night along the with the rest of its neon bedecked exterior. We don't know first-hand how much of this light filters into the rooms while you're trying to sleep, but it's a concern. The rooms themselves have pleasingly designed interiors, along with faux marble bathrooms, decent furnishings, fridges,... Read our full review of Hai Van Hotel.

Hoang Kim
Backpacker - Under US$10
102 Le Loi St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 821 910

Not on the beach, but easy walking distance to it, the Hoang Kim is a friendly, family-run place with rooms of average quality. The details aren't as nice as the Nhat Linh across the street, but air-con rooms are offered here at a lower... Read our full review of Hoang Kim.

Nhat Linh
Backpacker - Under US$10
337 Le Loi St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 831 141-2

Within easy walking distance from the beach, the Nhat Linh is a two-star outfit that has fan and air-con rooms, as well as triples and quads that are a good value for groups and families. The rooms here are quite clean -- a little too clean on our visit, judging by the antiseptic fumes hanging in the air. But go in and take a sniff for yourself. Some of the better rooms have rather... Read our full review of Nhat Linh.

Ca Ty Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
40 Phan Boi Chau St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 815 900

This is one of the few places set along the picturesque Ca Ty river. Despite the cheerful, colourful exterior, we were quite unimpressed with the rooms we saw. The facilities are what you'd expect in the price range -- we can forgive the goofy décor -- but we found the rooms stale, with nicked up furniture and walls unevenly splotched with paint -- even in the most pricey... Read our full review of Ca Ty Hotel.

Doi Duong Hotel
Midrange - US$20 to 50
403 Le Loi St, Phan Thiet
T: (062) 821 579

This large hotel is the grande-dame of the Phan Thiet beachfront was built by the government before Vietnam reopened its doors to foreign tourism in the early 1990s. As such, the prevailing impression is that one might get a room, or be processed and sent off for re-education -- it could go either way. The interior is starting to show signs of age, and the rooms, while spacious, are stark and not... Read our full review of Doi Duong Hotel.

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