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Yong Hout Guesthouse

Solid value, local atmosphere

What we say: 3.5 stars

A few hundred metres from Phnom Penh‘s Central Market, Yong Hout‘s location makes for an interesting alternative to riverside or around Independence Monument. The unapologetically green guesthouse occupies a corner plot on Street 136 halfway between the must-see market and Norodom Boulevard. The street is lined with fashion boutiques and fruit shake stalls, and also houses one of the city’s many English-language schools. It’s a part of town that isn’t over-touristed, but you can easily get to where the hordes are — the night-life of Street 51 is only a couple of roads away and the river is a 10-minute wander.

Not a tourist in sight

Not a tourist in sight.

Head through the justifiably popular street-level restaurant (we recommend Number 21 on the menu) and up the orange-speckled stairs for a choice of air-con or fan rooms with single or double beds, all en-suite. Rooms are provided with towels, a TV and bright purple bedspreads which clash wonderfully with the walls. With accommodation from $8 (for fan, while air-con $12-$15 this is the cheap end of the spectrum and aesthetics clearly aren’t included in the price. There’s a range of room sizes and bed softness, so check a few rooms first to find what you like. The big windows let in light but the sunshine can make the rooms hot, so shut your curtains on the way out and choose air-con if you plan to hang out during the day.

How green is my guesthouse?

How green is my guesthouse?

This guesthouse offers reasonable value for money in a city where seriously cheap rooms are a thing of the past. It’s popular with long-stay TEFL teachers, who usually have a nose for a bargain — either that, or they are just too lazy to live more than five doors away from their school. If you can tempt them into a conversation (the offer of a beer usually helps), you’ll get some excellent local knowledge with a few hair-raising stories thrown in.

Yong Hout suits travellers interested in the big world outside their hotel door, who want somewhere clean and central to rest their heads, and prefer a local vibe. Romantic couples and flashpackers who like the Central Market area will prefer the ambiance (and the pool) at the Billabong Hotel, while backpackers seeking chill-out space and cheap cocktails will enjoy the Happy 11, a little closer to the river.

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21 Street 136, (corner of Street 49), Phnom Penh.  T: (012) 661 321, (023) 631 8612 

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Type of room Low season High season Notes
Dbl air-con private b'room 12 USD 12 USD
Dbl fan private b'room 8 USD 8 USD

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Yong Hout Guesthouse map

Yong Hout Guesthouse
21 Street 136, (corner of Street 49), Phnom Penh. 
T: (012) 661 321, (023) 631 8612 

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