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Papa Pippo

Quaint and inviting

What we say: 3.5 stars

Accommodation in Sihanoukville where you can step right out onto sand or look out your windows to see sun shimmering off the ocean is becoming harder to find, but Papa Pippo is one place left that fits the bill. Sitting at the far end of Otres One, it’s the last beachside restaurant and bungalows before the beginning of the Long Beach, a kilometre or two long stretch of deserted sand that separates Otres One and Two. Its semi-remote location helps add to its tranquil ambience as it gets slightly fewer touts.

Island Style

Island style.

Whether you are looking for a place to stay or somewhere to eat, you’ll be happy at Papa Pippo. The fan-cooled, thatch bungalows (US$25-$30) are quaint and have an inviting little sitting area out front where you can have breakfast or enjoy a drink. They also have beautiful glass double doors which make the interior of the bungalows bright and, if opened, airy.

Other than that, the bungalows are similar to what you might find for US$15 on the opposite side of the road. It’s clear that you’re paying for the view and the location which, as far as we’re concerned, is totally worth it. Hot water, fan and free WiFi are included in all the rooms. The room interiors are just basic wood with tile flooring and a wooden bed. The mattresses are good quality and the white sheets are immaculate. You’ll have a bamboo shelving unit to unpack your clothes and a small nightstand by the bed. As with most bungalows, the bathroom is a little dingy but they do a good job of keeping them clean.

Not a bad place to enjoy a meal

Not a bad place to enjoy a meal.

Bungalows are set around a restaurant area, which is located partly under two big bamboo buildings and partly scattered around the beach area with oversized thatch umbrellas covering a number of the tables and lounges. They specialise in Italian food and this is one of the few places on Otres One where you can get a decent cappuccino. The pizzas and pastas cost around US$5-7 and fruit shakes are US$2. Try one of the traditional Italian flatbreads for a real treat (US$4-6.) The calming atmosphere and laidback music makes this a great place to spend a day reading a book or enjoying some idle chatter with other travellers.

Anybody up for a swim?

Anybody up for a swim?

If you’re staying here, try walking out along Long Beach after dark one night until there are no more lights from the businesses on Otres. Then wade out into the water until it is a metre or so deep; if the water is calm and you are lucky, you might be treated to a phosphorescent light show from the bio-luminescent plankton that periodically appear in the oceans here. Just make sure to bring a torch and go in a group as it’s very dark and well, there’s safety in numbers.

Breakfast at your bungalow? No Problem.

Breakfast at your bungalow? No problem.

Papa’s has just 10 bungalows, so they are often full. Call ahead, or at worst go there for breakfast to inquire about a room so you’ll be first in line if anybody checks out. Or try swinging by on Tuesday nights when they have their weekly trivia – you can have a fun night out and can ask about room availability. If Papa Pippo is all booked, try walking up the road to Otres Orchid. It’s not on the beach side, but they have charming private bungalows set in a lush garden.

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    Otres Beach One (at the far end).  T: (010) 359 725 
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    Type of room Low season High season Notes
    Standard - Single 25 USD 25 USD
    Standard - Double 30 USD 30 USD
    Family room 40 USD 40 USD

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    Papa Pippo
    Otres Beach One (at the far end). 
    T: (010) 359 725

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