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Photo of Losmen PuriLosmen Puri

Basic features, great price

Jalan Makam Peneleh 92

Losmen Puri

Similar in style to the nearby Hotel Hana, Losmen Puri is a basic place with basic features at a great price, mainly catering to domestic tourists from out of town.

Photo of Losmen Puri

Each room has a bed, fan, squat toilet and bak mandi. That's it. But it's a bright enough place, the rooms are clean and the staff friendly. It's an incredibly popular losmen, so all rooms may already be taken when you arrive. If so, head next door to Hotel Hana which is arguably better anyway.

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Last updated on 12th July, 2012.

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Type of room
Type of room, low and high season prices
Dbl fan private bathroom
60,000 rupiah
60,000 rupiah
Room: Dbl fan private bathroom, low season: 60,000 rupiah, high season 60,000 rupiah. Notes:

Losmen Puri
Jalan Makam Peneleh 92

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