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Cheapest on the beach

Photo of Lestari, Pulau Kadidiri. , Togean Islands

What we say: 3 stars

This is the cheapest of the digs on Kadidiri, with two main flavour of lodgings -- newish wooden bungalows between the small restaurant and the water are the best bet, while the cheaper rooms, located at the rear of the grounds and with shared bathrooms, are pretty dire and feel like they could blow away in a storm -- maybe they already have three or four times and been reassembled ... with a piece or two missing. Owner Mama is a bit of a character and can be warm and welcoming, but unless you can snare one of the new huts, this isn't a great deal. In peak season, Lestari is full most of the time and can stash some overflow in tents. If you find yourself in the "tent queue" be sure to check which bungalow you are in the line for to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The location, wedged between Black Marlin and the the cliff, with little beach to speak of, isn't the best and while it's very popular with those on a tight budget, Malenge or Sifa Cottage are both better value -- though considerably more isolated.

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    Pulau Kadidiri. 

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    Type of room Low season High season Notes
    Bungalow fan share b'room 100,000 100,000 Per person full board
    Bungalow fan private b'room 150,000 150,000 Per person full board

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    Pulau Kadidiri. 

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