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Hotel Mahara

Overpriced business hotel

Photo of Hotel Mahara, Jalan Sengeda No. 568, Takengon. , Takengon

What we say: 3 stars

Once a sparkling gem on the tiny Takengon accommodation scene, Hotel Mahara is now little more than a rough old rock -- with WiFi. Centrally located and close to the lake, it's easy to find food, get transport and view the lake from this area. The problem with the hotel is that it feels a little old and rundown for a place charging a minimum of 250,000 rupiah per night. Hot water bathrooms have showers and Western toilets, but fittings are often broken and tiles dull due to age and use. Beds are comfortable enough, but some sheets are stained and unsightly. WiFi is available in rooms on levels 1 and 2 and available to all in the common areas. The complimentary buffet breakfast consists of cold fried chicken, cold fried rice, cold fried fish and cold fried noodles. Toast can be had hot, but that's it. Coffee is black, as is tea -- no milk or creamer for you! For the price, this place is disappointing, but when you see the other places on offer in Takengon, you start to feel that this place is not so bad after all. For all its misgivings, this place will be acceptable to most travellers through Aceh, but most will also feel that it's overpriced.

    Contact details:

    Jalan Sengeda No. 568, Takengon.  T: (0643) 21 728 F: (0643) 24 291  
    Email them at:

    What we were quoted

    Type of room Low season High season Notes
    Standard - Double 250,000 250,000 Top floor, no WiFi
    Superior - Double 300,000 300,000 Second floor with WiFi
    Deluxe- Double 400,000 400,000 Bigger room

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