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Sport Guesthouse

Good value private rooms

Photo of Sport Guesthouse, Francois Ngin Rd, Ban Mixay, Vientiane. , Vientiane

What we say: 4.5 stars

Formerly Lao Youth Inn 2, this budget accommodation has been given a new name, brand new lobby and higher rates that include an extra 10,000 kip charge for a room with a window. The freshly painted green and white lobby/front patio now doubles as a small cafe with a sporty theme. But the rooms are still much the same as before. They are big, clean and barebones with a few bits of old furniture and a tiny wet room bathroom. Sport Guesthouse is the best choice for budget conscious backpackers in need of air-con and a private bathroom, and it offers a very good deal for a triple. As the price indicates, the quality is a step below its neighbour Mixay Paradise. Breakfast is not included but there is WiFi. The bicycles for rent are rubbish, you can find much better ones elsewhere.

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Francois Ngin Rd, Ban Mixay, Vientiane.  T: (021) 241 352 
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What we were quoted

Type of room Low season High season Notes
Dbl fan private b'room 80,000 kip 80,000 kip
Dbl air-con private b'room 100,000 kip 100,000 kip
Triple fan private b'room 120,000 kip 120,000 kip
Triple air-con private b'room 150,000 kip 150,000 kip

Added to Travelfish on: 17th October, 2013
Last visited or updated on: 1st July, 2015

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Cindy Fan is a Canadian writer & photographer living in Laos since 2011. She's the author of So Many Miles, her blog about diving in, discovering and creating a narrative about the world, one story and adventure at a time.

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Sport Guesthouse
Francois Ngin Rd, Ban Mixay, Vientiane. 
T: (021) 241 352

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