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Nice & Easy Bungalow & Sea Horse 2 (Green Place)

Which rooms go to which resort?

Photo of Nice & Easy Bungalow & Sea Horse 2 (Green Place), Ao Wong Duen, Ko Samet. , Ao Wong Duen

What we say: 3.5 stars

Wong Duen's accommodation scene gets confusing once you reach the north-central part of the beach. There's the rather tired Malibu Garden and Sea Horse Bungalow, and then the smaller Sea Horse 2 (aka Green Place), which literally shares land with pricier Tom Pizza Resort -- there's absolutely nothing to distinguish which rooms belong to which resort. Then there's Nice & Easy, which is apparently also part of the Sea Horse enterprise though it's situated slightly apart in a more private area. Our impression is that any of the managers at any of these spots has freedom to stick guests at any room, earning a commission if their own rooms are full, and because of that, we're grouping them all into one. In any case, we felt Nice & Easy's rooms are the best of the bunch. Built in 2013, their cheaper villas are attached in an ocher single-floor concrete building facing a shady lawn set back from the beach. For the price, these are comfy and surprisingly stylish, with three framed paintings of different flowers on deep violet walls, soft beds with clean sheets, fridges, TVs, modern bathrooms and terraces out front. Nice & Easy also has a few swish white villas closer to the beach that bag you more space and wide windows, and these are perhaps slightly better than Tom Pizza's A-frame villas that go for the same price. Nice & Easy also has older brick rooms with tinted windows that are the same price as the ones further back and are best avoided. If you're trying to save money, the cheapest rooms at Sea Horse 2 aren't too shabby. Though lacking the character of Nice & Easy's newer rooms, they also come with TV, air-con and fridge, are well-kept and offer solid value at the lower end. All three of the staff members who showed us around at Nice & Easy, Sea Horse 2 and Tom Pizza were among the more pleasantly laid back people we met on Ko Samet. Just don't forget -- you might have to inquire at three different reception areas before you find the room you want.

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Ao Wong Duen, Ko Samet.  T: (038) 644 370 , (081) 754 3242 F: (038) 644 160  
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What we were quoted

Type of room Low season High season Notes
Standard - Double 600 baht 800 baht at Sea Horse 2 (Green Place)
Superior - Double 800 baht 1,000 baht at Nice & Easy
Deluxe- Double 1,500 baht 1,700 baht at Nice & Easy, but if those are full, the A-frames at Tom Pizza aren

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