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S.A. Hotel

Comfortable but characterless

Photo of S.A. Hotel, 45 Terdjaray Rd (off Sukhumvit just south of the hospital), Trat. , Trat

its ok
We stayed the one night on the way to Ko Maak. For us it was as the Travelfish overview said, it was...

By neverenough

What we say: 3.5 stars

Situated in an unexciting white concrete rectangle down a side street marked by a blue-and-white sign along the main drag, S.A. offers reasonably comfortable rooms with no semblance of character. Accessed by a lift that smells of 1987 (ah memories), the rooms come in a barrage of white, with floors, walls, beds, trim and tables lacking any hint of colour save the TVs, which are an almost-white shade of grey. Even though it feels a bit like sleeping in a hospital, the rooms are spacious and clean, with fast WiFi. The cheaper editions are located on the higher floors and have large tinted glass windows that can be opened to let in the fresh air. The pricier rooms are larger, with fridges and almost wall-size glass windows, which would be great further up but aren't so good as they're situated on the first couple of floors within eyesight of the karaoke bars across the street. All rooms now come with air-con and hot shower and represent reasonable value. The bus station is a 15-minute walk to the north.

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45 Terdjaray Rd (off Sukhumvit just south of the hospital), Trat.  T: (039) 524 572, (039) 524 502 F: (039) 524 411  
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Type of room Low season High season Notes
Family room 900 baht 900 baht
Superior - Double 700 baht 700 baht
Standard - Double 500 baht 500 baht

Added to Travelfish on: 29th August, 2005
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2.5 stars
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S.A. Hotel
45 Terdjaray Rd (off Sukhumvit just south of the hospital), Trat. 
T: (039) 524 572, (039) 524 502 F: (039) 524 411

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its ok
By neverenough, 16 November 2010
3.0  stars

Somewhat clean
By frugalyankee,
2.0  stars

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