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Mae Salong Flower Hills Resort

Loads of flowers, great views

Photo of Mae Salong Flower Hills Resort, Route 1234, 2 km east of Mae Salong . , Mae Salong

What we say: 3.5 stars

Mae Salong Flower Hills Resort is set on a hillside north of the road, about two kilometres to the east before arriving in Mae Salong proper. With a spectacular manicured flower garden, this place is almost an attraction in its own right. There’s a mixture of individual concrete bungalows and rooms in blocks and most, but not all, have splendid views across the valley. (Rooms without views are cheaper.) There is also a rather incongruous swimming pool juxtaposed with the bamboo huts of an adjacent Akha hamlet. Since Mae Salong is either a bit nippy or shrouded in mist, we’re not sure how many days a year one could use the pool, but views are tremendous. If you do jump in the pool, take care or you’ll splash the Akha neighbours.

The rooms and bungalows are excellent. They are spacious, well-maintained and well-appointed, with low season rates in particular not too bad. Our main gripe with Flower Hills is the location; nothing much else in Mae Salong is within convenient walking distance and you’ll face a fair hike to any market, restaurant or tea shop. Even with your own transport it’s a hassle having to drive elsewhere just to buy a bag of peanuts or bottle of shampoo.

There is a large restaurant and bar area with, again, superb views and, fortunately since they have a captive audience, they don’t assassinate you with the bill. Classic Thai fare is good quality, though little English is spoken (in the restaurant or reception).

The rooms are very good but you’re not really getting much of the Mae Salong experience out here. This doesn’t stop it getting very busy at weekends and during high season with local visitors and tour groups. They were a bit vague as to when peak season was and we’re sure even in mid-week in December you could bargain them down otherwise their rates are, like their garden, a bit steep. All room rates include breakfast and their low season runs May-September, high October-April and peak December to January.

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Route 1234, 2 km east of Mae Salong .  T: (053) 765 496-7 F: (053) 765 498  
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What we were quoted

Type of room Low season High season Notes
Bungalow air-con private b'room 2,800 baht 3,500 baht VIP. Peak: 5,000 baht. With view. No view: 1,300/1,500/2,300 baht.
Standard - Double 850 baht 1,000 baht Peak: 1,800 baht.
Family room 2,100 baht 2,600 baht Air-con, no view. Peak: 4,100 baht.

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Last visited or updated on: 6th October, 2015

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Mae Salong Flower Hills Resort map

Mae Salong Flower Hills Resort
Route 1234, 2 km east of Mae Salong . 
T: (053) 765 496-7 F: (053) 765 498

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