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National Park Bungalows

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Photo of National Park Bungalows, Park HQ, Yaw 2, Yaw 3 and Yaw 4(camping). , Doi Khun Tan National Park

What we say: 3.5 stars

The Khun Tan National Park accommodation is well maintained, well situated, clean, comfortable and reasonably priced, which you can’t say for every Thai park. Furthermore there’s a decent range of room price and sizes. Small two-person wooden chalets and large three-bedroom brick and wood bungalows line the winding road up the hill from the park headquarters, and there’s a choice of three campsites, all with good bathroom facilities. All chalets have views, are set in pleasant gardens and come with private balconies. The further ones are quite a climb from the HQ buildings, but there is a convenient second cafeteria at around the two-kilometre mark, in addition to the one by the main park buildings.

The large bungalows have three bedrooms and four bathrooms and can sleep nine people for 2,700 baht. The slightly smaller two-bedroom ones sleep up to six for 1,500 baht. The cosy two-person chalets also come with fan, bathroom and hot water showers. If you come with your own tent there’s a 30 baht per person charge while large park tents can be hired for 150 baht a night. They can comfortably sleep two and for an extra 100 baht per person you can get mattress, pillow and blanket.

Most of the bungalows and the main camp site are close to the main park buildings but some remoter park substations also have accommodation, although you’d need to be well prepared since they’d be a long way from cafes and park facilities.

On a week day you could just turn up and find a chalet but at any time – especially weekends and holidays - it’s best to ring in advance, check availability and give them time to prepare the rooms anyway. Low season especially there’s no harm in asking for a discount!

There are no private accommodations options for the park.

Official rates:
Large, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom bungalows (up to 9 pax) – 2,700 baht
Large, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalows (up to 9 pax) – 2,200 baht
Medium bungalows, 2 bed room, 2 bathroom (up to 6 pax) – 1,500 baht
Small chalets, 1 bed room, 1 bathroom (up to 2 pax) – 500 baht

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Contact details:

Park HQ, Yaw 2, Yaw 3 and Yaw 4(camping).  T: (02) 562 0760 (Bangkok) 
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What we were quoted

Type of room Low season High season Notes
Deluxe bungalow 500 baht 500 baht For a chalet
Bungalow fan private b'room 1,500 baht 1,500 baht Up to 2,700 baht

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National Park Bungalows map

National Park Bungalows
Park HQ, Yaw 2, Yaw 3 and Yaw 4(camping). 
T: (02) 562 0760 (Bangkok)

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