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School Bungalows

Sun, sand and school

Photo of School Bungalows, Near the main beach, Ko Bulon Lae. , Ko Bulon Lae

What we say: 3.5 stars

How about a school that doubles as a bungalow joint? This may sound strange, but it's perfectly normal on Bulon. The island's lone school sits in a scenic spot just back from the main beach, and half a dozen basic bungalows are lined up facing the shaggy football pitch, with a few palms and flower bushes providing minimal privacy. The bamboo huts with tin roofs are small and showing their age, but the value is good for such a coveted location. Lino-lined floors don't stop crawly things from entering through cracks in the woven bamboo walls and you'll be glad there's a mosquito net over the firm mattress. Attached bathrooms come with cold showers and Western toilets. Fans are provided, though power runs only from around 18:00 to 23:00. Each hut has a small porch and often some decorative touches left by the many travellers who've relaxed on them over the years. If you travel with a tent, it's also possible to camp under the trees near the beach and use the bathroom and well behind the school -- just talk to a teacher first and make a small donation for each day you're camped. Note that you might have to wait until class is out before a teacher is available to open a room for you. The bungalows are full for much of high season, but the boats will drop you nearby and it's easy to check before venturing inland.

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    Near the main beach, Ko Bulon Lae.  T: (084) 312 9193 

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    Type of room Low season High season Notes
    Bungalow fan private b'room 500 baht 500 baht

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    School Bungalows
    Near the main beach, Ko Bulon Lae. 
    T: (084) 312 9193 

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