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Koh Ngai Mayalay Resort

Midrange resort at luxury prices

Photo of Koh Ngai Mayalay Resort, Ko Ngai. , Ko Ngai

Don't believe the photos!
We just returned from Mayalay Resort today. My tip: don't believe the pictures and the text on the w...

By toby_hom

What we say: 3.5 stars

Mayalay is the sister resort of Thapwarin, and we were told by a staff member that Mayalay is more for the backpacker market while Thapwarin is for upscale customers. By the looks of each place, this would appear to be true, so we're scratching our heads as to why the rates at each are nearly identical. Mayalay is indeed a fine resort, with spacious and stylish wood and bamboo tropical themed bungalows, all of which come with air-con and hot water. There's also an internet cafe, well placed restaurant on a deck overlooking the beach, and what appears to be quite an elaborate spa, but for the same price you're better off with Coco Cottage, Thanya, or Thapwarin.

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Contact details:

Ko Ngai.  T: (083) 590 7523 F: (086) 475 0057  

What we were quoted

Type of room Low season High season Notes
Bungalow air-con private b'room 2,200 baht 3,000 baht
Beachfront bungalow 2,500 baht 3,500 baht

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Koh Ngai Mayalay Resort
Ko Ngai. 
T: (083) 590 7523 F: (086) 475 0057  

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Don't believe the photos!
By toby_hom, 12 April 2009
2.0  stars

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