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Sri-Trang Hotel

Comfiest spot in Trang

Photo of Sri-Trang Hotel, 22-26 Sathani Rd. , Trang

Likeable, Good Value Place
In six visits to Trang over the last decade, I've now stayed at six different places. None have been...

By sullivanmarc

What we say: 4.5 stars

The Sri-Trang has been around since 1952, and it's still the most comfortable and easiest to find guesthouse in town. It has two branches, one immediately across from the train station that closes down during low season, and another just around the corner on Rama Vl Road that's open year-round. Rooms are spacious and fairly plush, with cable TV, big fridges, and large modern bathrooms with hot-water showers. They have free in-room WiFi, and a notice in each room reports “the hotel will be held responsible for the guest's property left in room in case of loss or damage (up to 3,000 baht),” an unheard of offer among hotels anywhere in the world.The staff don't speak perfect English, but they're friendly and happy to point travellers in the right direction for island trips or tours. Their card includes the slogan 'passion your mind' -- we're not sure what that means, but for these rooms, we'll go with it. Recommended.

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22-26 Sathani Rd.  T: (075) 218 122 F: (075) 211 456  

What we were quoted

Type of room Low season High season Notes
Dbl fan private b'room 450 baht 450 baht
Dbl air-con private b'room 550 baht 550 baht
Triple air-con private b'room 650 baht 650 baht

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Usually found exploring Bangkok's side streets or south Thailand's islands, David Luekens is an American freelance writer & photographer who finds everyday life in Asia to be extraordinary. You can follow his travails here.
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4.5 stars
Rated 4.5 out of 5

Based on 6 ratings and 6 reviews

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Sri-Trang Hotel
22-26 Sathani Rd. 
T: (075) 218 122 F: (075) 211 456  

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Reviews about Sri-Trang Hotel

Likeable, Good Value Place
By sullivanmarc, 10 February 2012
4.0  stars

By Tribalfunk, 29 June 2010
4.0  stars

Love it!
By travellingsarah, 02 April 2010
4.0  stars

Great Place
By gypsie, 08 March 2010
5.0  stars

Excellent place to stay
By busylizzy, 03 February 2010
5.0  stars

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