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PJ Guesthouse

Cheapest rooms in Trang

Photo of PJ Guesthouse, 25/12 Sathani Rd. , Trang

Three of us payed a total of 350 baht for one night what makes this place pricewise unbeatable. But ...

By ewe

What we say: 3.5 stars

Arriving at PJ Guesthouse feels something like walking into a local's living room; we were greeted by a woman on a couch watching TV and a man sleeping on a double bed in a corner of the lobby. It may not have been the best first impression, but before long the place had us charmed thanks to the sincere Joy. She lived in the US for eight years, speaks near perfect English, and is perhaps Trang's best source for information on the area. Rooms are very basic but for this price they are beyond acceptable with fans, firm mattresses, clean sheets and cold water showers in the shared baths. While the rooms are suited only for sleeping, the shared balcony is not a bad place to relax with a cold one. For tight budgets and info on the area, PJ is recommended.

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25/12 Sathani Rd.  T: (081) 374 6769 F: (089) 475 8574  

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Type of room Low season High season Notes
Dbl fan private b'room 150 baht 150 baht

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2.5 stars
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PJ Guesthouse
25/12 Sathani Rd. 
T: (081) 374 6769 F: (089) 475 8574  

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By ewe, 09 January 2014
2.0  stars

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