Advertising you won't find on Travelfish

We're a little picky

There are all sorts of ways and means to get your brand across online. Not all of these are available on Here are a few advertising models we don't support, so if this is what you have in mind, sorry, but we won't be able to work with you.

Paid text links promotes a variety of businesses on a direct paid and affiliate basis via various text links. All text links are marked as no-follow as per Google's web quality guidelines. They're also relevant to our audience. So if you'd like a dofollow link to your site about hotels in Prague, we can't help sorry -- at any price.

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If you've got some great slice of prose (most likely, full of links to some other website, probably yours) that you'd like to get placed on, then sorry we can't help you. We write our own content thanks.

Shonky link exchanges

If we like your site we'll link to it -- and we're linking out more and more. While we appreciate a link back, we don't expect anything in return. Please don't get in touch regarding any kind of link exchange, especially those shonky three-way link schemes that are all the rage in the travel vertical. We're not interested. Really. And thanks for not asking.

Pretty much anything that smells a bit iffy

We reserve the right to refuse any sort of advertising we feel doesn't fit well with the brand, or, well, just smells a bit iffy.

The bottom line

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