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  • Birthdays in Bali

    Birthdays in Bali

    Published 8:14 am, 14 Jul 2014
    Here at Casa Travelfish, July is a busy month on the birthday count with the birthdays of Chief Researcher-in-training William (born 2008) and Chief Researcher-soon-retiring Stuart (born well, a long time before William) just two days apart. So if you’re looking for birthday activities for the young and old in Bali, what are some good ... read the full post

  • Bali is not an over-touristed hellhole.

    Bali is not an over-touristed hellhole.

    Published 11:54 pm, 7 Jul 2014
    It annoys me when I read a diatribe writing off Bali as an over-touristed hellhole when it transpires that the author was too lazy to go exploring the greater island. So before you let your rant-stained fingers anywhere near a keyboard and whinge about the island, try some of the following. Balangan Beach This is ... read the full post

  • Staying safe in Bali

    Staying safe in Bali

    Published 1:23 am, 15 Jun 2014
    Unfortunately Bali is in the news for all the wrong reasons more and more often of late. There’s the more typical issues that come with concreting over paradise — over-development, pollution and trash disposal and, of course, the traffic — but there are also more troubling issues such as a rise in petty crime, theft, ... read the full post

  • Bali airport taxis: A new screw up

    Bali airport taxis: A new screw up

    Published 10:09 pm, 29 Apr 2014
    Late last night I arrived in Bali’s new airport, cleared immigration and customs and headed out to get a taxi home from the official taxi kiosk. I’ve written about Bali’s airport taxis on a number of occasions, primarily advising of the set fares and updating it when the fares went up after the rise in ... read the full post

  • A quick jaunt across Komodo and Flores

    A quick jaunt across Komodo and Flores

    Published 10:45 pm, 15 Apr 2014
    School holidays delivered a nice little break to Travelfish and we returned to one of our favourite destinations in Indonesia, Komodo National Park and Flores. We kicked off with a lazy week on Kanawa Island which lies just outside Komodo National Park and then did a quick run across the mainland from Labuan Bajo, through ... read the full post

  • Wet season in Bali

    Wet season in Bali

    Published 8:14 pm, 27 Dec 2013
    Travelling during the monsoon in Bali has its challenges but also advantages. While it may occasionally rain for days on end, other days will be clear and sunny with a welcome downpour during the late afternoon cooling down temperatures and washing the air of dust, creating stunning sunsets and sunrises. Water holds a special place ... read the full post

  • Great Bali family getaways

    Great Bali family getaways

    Published 9:48 pm, 16 Dec 2013
    While five-star hotels offer easy buffets and kids’ clubs, Bali offers great getaways that may take a bit more effort to arrange but perhaps make a more memorable stay. And with a family in tow, it’s all about making memories, right? Bali’s east offers gorgeous scenery and is easily reached now a major coastal road ... read the full post

  • Why go to the Togean Islands?

    Why go to the Togean Islands?

    Published 2:55 am, 10 Nov 2013
    Why would you spend a not inconsiderable amount of time trekking over land and water to visit Sulawesi’s Togean Islands? The archipelago in the southeast region of the Tomini Sea is not the easiest place to get to… but a few compelling reasons may make you want to take the Indonesian travel plunge and exert ... read the full post

  • Our favourite beaches and islands in Indonesia

    Our favourite beaches and islands in Indonesia

    Published 12:15 am, 7 Oct 2013
    We spend a lot of time “researching” beaches and islands. Not just in Indonesia of course — we recently bagged our 30th Thai island (and another dozen beaches), for instance — but when it comes to beaches, Indonesia is often difficult to beat. We still have a lot of ground to cover (Hello Sumatra, Sumbawa ... read the full post

  • Learning to dive on the Togean islands

    Learning to dive on the Togean islands

    Published 3:37 am, 23 Sep 2013
    While certainly not the cheapest place to learn to dive in Southeast Asia, the Togean Islands in Sulawesi, Indonesia are nevertheless a fabulous place to pick up a new skill — diving. Say hello to a variety of marine life and beautiful coral in this fairly isolated archipelago, where dive sites are blissfully uncrowded. After ... read the full post

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