Dec 23 2013

Ethnic minorities of Burma: The Enn

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Fashion conscious Enn lad on his way to Kengtung market

The Enn highlanders are one of Burma and Shan State’s most fascinating ethnic groups. Many other minorities of southern Shan State may well have been encountered by visitors in Laos or Northern Thailand, but the Enn – sometimes written Ann or Eng – are unique to Burma and indeed to the Kengtung region. The Enn are also one … read the full post

Nov 18 2013

The Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival

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Below the fire lattice, ready to go.

Set by the Shan State capital of Taunggyi, the annual Fire Balloon festival is quite the event, drawing hordes of people from the surrounds and a trickle of foreign travellers. This is not a sleepy meditative religious event but more akin to an international music festival with tens of thousands of people enjoying a carnival-like … read the full post

Nov 15 2013

Meiktila to Kalaw, the scenic way

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They're on the roof too.

After a quick early morning runaround Meiktila (giant duck thing √ water pagoda √ lake √ noodles √) it was time to bail and head to Kalaw. I grabbed a motorcycle taxi for the kilometre-ish run up to near the bus station where my moto delivered me to the next minibus heading to Kalaw. Downstairs … read the full post

Oct 28 2013

Should you book in advance for high season travel in Burma (Myanmar)?

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Keep dreamin...

We’ll keep this post short and to the point: if you’re on the “greatest hits” loop in Burma (Myanmar) ie Yangon -> Bagan -> Mandalay -> Inle Lake -> Yangon, and are travelling between November and February, then the answer to the question of whether you should book in advance for high season travel is … read the full post

Oct 18 2013

Portraits of Kengtung

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Woman from the Enn ethnic group

Now that land border crossing regulations have been relaxed, it’s easy to travel to Kengtung from the Mae Sai-Tachilek crossing. Kengtung is an old British administrative post, the largest town of eastern Shan State and the former “capital” of the Golden Triangle; it’s just a short drive north of the crossing on a decent and … read the full post

Oct 06 2013

Mawlamyine street life

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Colourful Indian market vendor

Mawlamyine, or Moulmein, is to our minds one of the most photogenic towns in Burma. The town’s fantastic location boasts ancient temples overlooking dramatic limestone crags to the east and the picturesque islands and seascapes of the Salween Estuary to the west, and the locals lack the shyness you so often see among those living … read the full post

Sep 27 2013

Weather in Bagan

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Palms and acacias at Bagan

The climate within Burma can vary considerably, so if you’ve got a particular destination you’re keen on visiting, it’s worth checking ahead to see how it’s affected by the seasons. What time of year is ideal to visit Bagan? Bagan is smack bang in the centre of Burma’s best known microclimate, the famous (Ed: well, … read the full post

Sep 23 2013

When’s a good time to visit Burma?

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More tourists than locals at this Inle market during high season

When’s a good time to visit Burma (Myanmar)? The question slips easily off potential visitors’ tongues but… there is no easy answer. We’re going to stay on the proverbial fence by saying that when it comes to travelling to Burma, all periods of the year have their pros and cons. Here’s a brief rundown on … read the full post

Sep 14 2013

Domestic air travel in Burma

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Coming into Mandalay Airport with flooded Irrawaddy and Sagaing in background

Burma’s a large country with a bad road infrastructure, so though we generally prefer to stick to road, river or rail while travelling, a domestic flight in Burma (Myanmar) may on occasions be a necessary, or at least convenient, evil — unless you have unlimited time and superior posterior suspension. Flights within Burma can be a bit … read the full post

Sep 07 2013

New flight connections to and within Burma (Myanmar)

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A more tasteful livery from Air Mandalay

With tourism booming in Burma (Myanmar), airlines are busy increasing flights, tweaking schedules and adding new destinations, so here’s a brief look at some of the latest air travel information. Airlines adding Burma to their destination list include Tiger Airways, which will add direct Singapore to Yangon (Rangoon) flights from October 1, and Thailand’s Nok Air, … read the full post

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