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Jun 25 2013

Review: 50th Street Bar and Grill, Yangon

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Inside 50th Street Bar and Grill

50th Street Bar and Grill is a modern midrange option for Western food just outside the beating heart of downtown Yangon (Rangoon). Air-con, WiFi, excellent food, friendly service, local entertainment and quality alcohol are the offerings that bring the crowds here. The building stands out among the traditional ones elsewhere on the street and will … read the full post

Jun 19 2013

Yangon in photos

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There's also plenty of gorgeous old buildings, sadly many of them will be knocked down for brass & glass.

We recently had the pleasure of three weeks travelling in Burma and while we had grand plans for covering a raft of destinations in those three weeks, plans went askew when we arrived in Yangon, fell in love with it and spent five days there. Oops. In the end we only covered Yangon, Pyay and … read the full post

Jun 19 2013

ATMs in Burma (Myanmar)

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Common sights at ATMs around Myanmar

Expats and backpackers exhaled a collective sigh of relief in February 2013 when we all spotted the first Visa ATMs being placed around Yangon. Would this be the end of having to carefully look after our US dollar notes in order to be able to exchange them for kyat? The first time we exchanged dollars, … read the full post

Jun 18 2013

SIM cards in Burma

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Phones at a street stall in Yangon

Update: 10 August 2013 (The month-long SIM card) SIM cards are the bane of communications in Burma/Myanmar. Charged with politics and lacking simple infrastructure, it’s no wonder that landline phones still sit on fold-out tables around Yangon (Rangoon) footpaths, with attendees charging you telephone booth prices. Still, many travellers cannot go without having a mobile … read the full post

Jun 09 2013

Overstaying your tourist visa in Burma/Myanmar

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Visa Overstay stamps in Myanmar

If you’ve overstayed your tourist visa by a few days in Burma/Myanmar, it’s not too much of a drama. Besides having to pay a fine of US$3 per overstayed day, the only real punishment for staying beyond your 28-day tourist visa date stamp is sacrificing a whole page of your passport for an extra ugly black stamp … read the full post