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Jul 21 2013

Burmese food: A brief introduction

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Local lunch in Bagan with tomato and peanut salad

Burma’s food reflects the population’s highly varied ethnic mix: Bamar (ethnic Burmese), Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Nepalese, Shan, Mon, Kachin and so on. The country’s neighbours — Thailand, China’s Yunnan, Bangladesh and India — also exert strong culinary influences. At its best, this creates an original and very rich national cuisine. Ethnic Indian-run eateries are found … read the full post

Jul 13 2013

Eating at 19th Street in Chinatown, Yangon

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Picking skewers from 19th Street China Town BBQ in Yangon

19th Street in Chinatown, Yangon (Rangoon), is known for its long rows of barbecue stalls. Every taxi driver knows where it is, as it’s become a bit of a landmark itself. Here you’ll find cheap skewers ready to be tossed on the fire pit and menus packed with local selections being browsed by tourists and locals … read the full post

Jul 06 2013

Burma’s thanaka paste

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The splash it on all over technique

You’ll maybe even notice thanaka paste on your way into Yangon from the airport. The beige-yellow splodges, swirls and spots on cheeks and foreheads means one thing: you can only be in Burma. Thanaka comes from the bark of the thanaka tree, though other species are sometimes used. The bark is ground to a powder then … read the full post