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Sep 27 2013

Weather in Bagan

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Palms and acacias at Bagan

The climate within Burma can vary considerably, so if you’ve got a particular destination you’re keen on visiting, it’s worth checking ahead to see how it’s affected by the seasons. What time of year is ideal to visit Bagan? Bagan is smack bang in the centre of Burma’s best known microclimate, the famous (Ed: well, … read the full post

Sep 23 2013

When’s a good time to visit Burma?

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More tourists than locals at this Inle market during high season

When’s a good time to visit Burma (Myanmar)? The question slips easily off potential visitors’ tongues but… there is no easy answer. We’re going to stay on the proverbial fence by saying that when it comes to travelling to Burma, all periods of the year have their pros and cons. Here’s a brief rundown on … read the full post

Sep 14 2013

Domestic air travel in Burma

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Coming into Mandalay Airport with flooded Irrawaddy and Sagaing in background

Burma’s a large country with a bad road infrastructure, so though we generally prefer to stick to road, river or rail while travelling, a domestic flight in Burma (Myanmar) may on occasions be a necessary, or at least convenient, evil — unless you have unlimited time and superior posterior suspension. Flights within Burma can be a bit … read the full post

Sep 07 2013

New flight connections to and within Burma (Myanmar)

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A more tasteful livery from Air Mandalay

With tourism booming in Burma (Myanmar), airlines are busy increasing flights, tweaking schedules and adding new destinations, so here’s a brief look at some of the latest air travel information. Airlines adding Burma to their destination list include Tiger Airways, which will add direct Singapore to Yangon (Rangoon) flights from October 1, and Thailand’s Nok Air, … read the full post

Sep 06 2013

Review: Union Bar and Grill, Yangon

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Union Bar selection

Yangon (Rangoon) isn’t always the easiest city in which to find decent WiFi coupled with decent food — but Western-style Union Bar and Grill, though its prices are at the upper end of what you’ll typically find in the city, fits the bill. The grill makes a good stop off for those just visiting the harbour … read the full post