Sep 06 2013

Review: Union Bar and Grill, Yangon

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Union Bar selection

Yangon (Rangoon) isn’t always the easiest city in which to find decent WiFi coupled with decent food — but Western-style Union Bar and Grill, though its prices are at the upper end of what you’ll typically find in the city, fits the bill. The grill makes a good stop off for those just visiting the harbour … read the full post

Aug 29 2013

New Burmese/Thai land crossings opened

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Rumours have swirled for some time and we’ve frequently run across travellers who claim to have crossed the Burmese border at some remote crossing point but now it’s official: foreign tourists may enter the country at the Tachilek, Myawaddy and Kawthaung land entry points (from Thailand’s Mae Sai, Mae Sot and Ranong respectively). The former and latter have been open for … read the full post

Aug 25 2013

Drug Elimination Museum, Yangon

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A diorama in the Drug Elimination Museum, Yangon

The Drugs Elimination Museum in Yangon (Rangoon) is a bizarre must-visit museum for anyone interested in the history of Myanmar’s drug wars. Founded in 2001, the exhibitions traverse war scenes, political history and artwork about the horrors of drug-induced insanity. Along with Thailand and Laos, Myanmar helps to form the notorious Golden Triangle, historically one … read the full post

Aug 22 2013

A local-style Burmese meal

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What we received on ordering a 2,000 kyat mutton curry in Bagan

Burmese food can be placed into three broad categories: Chinese, Indian and Bamar, or ethnic Burmese. The Indian offerings will be familiar to most people whether or not they have ever visited India, while many of the Chinese dishes, especially those found in hotels and tourist restaurants, you’ll have come across throughout Southeast Asia — sweet … read the full post

Aug 18 2013

A selection of classic Burmese dishes

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The famous Lahpet or tea-leaf salad

Burma has a rich, varied and unique cuisine but perhaps due to a paucity of foreign visitors over recent years, Burmese food is little known outside of the country. If you’re planning on travelling here, it’ll pay to know a few of  the most famous and common Burmese dishes that you’ll come across so you can … read the full post

Aug 11 2013

Yangon art galleries

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New Zero Art Space

With Myanmar’s (Burma’s) complex history and past isolation as their backdrops, the artists in Yangon are teeming with life, and beginning to break through to the world. The city’s galleries are packed with beautiful and engaging pieces; with so many tourists visiting Southeast Asia, it’s perhaps more often than not that art tends to be created … read the full post

Jul 21 2013

Burmese food: A brief introduction

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Local lunch in Bagan with tomato and peanut salad

Burma’s food reflects the population’s highly varied ethnic mix: Bamar (ethnic Burmese), Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Nepalese, Shan, Mon, Kachin and so on. The country’s neighbours — Thailand, China’s Yunnan, Bangladesh and India — also exert strong culinary influences. At its best, this creates an original and very rich national cuisine. Ethnic Indian-run eateries are found … read the full post

Jul 13 2013

Eating at 19th Street in Chinatown, Yangon

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Picking skewers from 19th Street China Town BBQ in Yangon

19th Street in Chinatown, Yangon (Rangoon), is known for its long rows of barbecue stalls. Every taxi driver knows where it is, as it’s become a bit of a landmark itself. Here you’ll find cheap skewers ready to be tossed on the fire pit and menus packed with local selections being browsed by tourists and locals … read the full post

Jul 06 2013

Burma’s thanaka paste

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The splash it on all over technique

You’ll maybe even notice thanaka paste on your way into Yangon from the airport. The beige-yellow splodges, swirls and spots on cheeks and foreheads means one thing: you can only be in Burma. Thanaka comes from the bark of the thanaka tree, though other species are sometimes used. The bark is ground to a powder then … read the full post

Jun 25 2013

Review: 50th Street Bar and Grill, Yangon

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Inside 50th Street Bar and Grill

50th Street Bar and Grill is a modern midrange option for Western food just outside the beating heart of downtown Yangon (Rangoon). Air-con, WiFi, excellent food, friendly service, local entertainment and quality alcohol are the offerings that bring the crowds here. The building stands out among the traditional ones elsewhere on the street and will … read the full post

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