Apr 01 2011

Seatbelts for tuk tuks in Cambodia

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From the “Only in Cambodia file” the PhnomPenhPost reports on a surprising new law to hit the streets in Cambodia, seat belts for tuk tuks — and who are the cops going to target? tourists.

Click clack back and back

Click clack back and back

The story quotes transport minister Tram In Tek as saying:

“The public transport in Cambodia is quite primitive and the tuktuks are really quite unsafe. Seatbelts will be very helpful and foreign tourists are used to wearing them from the laws in their own country”.

Later in the piece, when asked about enforcement, Tek went on to say that the Cambodian police have been specifically asked to target foreigners as they often overload tuktuks and, as they have larger bodies, carrying them is more dangerous. The fine is an extraordinarily high US$5 per passenger. The driver is not required to wear one, though the story doesn’t explain why.

Phnom Penh driver Suyse thought the law sounded good to him, saying “I think anything that makes safer for my customers is good for me and them, but I worry about the Cambodian police as they can be tricky sometimes and maybe they ask me to pay too. $5 is a lot of money for a Cambodian person.”

The story also doesn’t mention when the first batch of seatbelts are to be fitted, but we’d assume given there’s a buck in it for the local constabulary, the seatbelts should be out on the street this afternoon.

Watch out!

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