Sep 22 2011

Hand-painted signs in Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh is a city that is falling all over itself to develop as quickly as possible. You can’t turn around without seeing another skyscraper being thrown up and bigger, fancier cars with fake Louis Vuitton pillows blocking the windows driving into one another. But despite the rampant development, much of Phnom Penh remains the same as it was decades ago.

Hand-painted signage is far more popular in the provinces, where businesses have less access to high-tech sign-making technology, but on the sidestreets of Phnom Penh you’ll see these retro signs advertising haircuts, car washes and horror movies.

If only the young men of Cambodia would take this sign to heart and go back to the haircuts of the 90s!

Warning! If you look at this one too closely, you'll get dizzy.

An idealised version of the proprietress of this store (a decade or three ago).

Need your moto washed?

My personal favourite: "Lucky Lina".

Hot tocs for everyone!

Time for a re-paint, methinks.

Looking smooooooth.

"Please save community forest for our future and keep bright life."

Technically this last one is not from Phnom Penh, but I liked it too much to not include it. It’s from outside of Koh Kong.

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