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Siem Reap guesthouses with good food

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One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive in Siem Reap, especially after you’ve done the obligatory trawl through Pub Street and its environs, is that this town isn’t exactly short of restaurants. Dozens of eateries of all kinds are clustered around the Old Market area, with many more scattered about as you head towards the edges of town. As you spend more time here, another thing you’ll notice is that standards of food preparation, presentation and service tend to be pretty good, ensuring that diners are spoiled for choice and could feasibly eat well for a month even if they never frequented the same place twice.

Rosy's Cornish Pasty: Now you see it....

Rosy's Cornish pasty: Now you see it ...

To that piece of good news, I would like to add another layer. Not many visitors consider dining at the restaurants of hotels that are different from the ones they’re staying at which, in a couple of cases at least, is a crying shame. Some have worked really hard to make sure their food is top-notch, a secret that really shouldn’t be kept for their guests alone.

Three in particular stand out for the quality of their food, and we’ll start with the poshest one first. The RiverGarden is a boutique hotel and the creation of a lady who has spent a considerable amount of time working in the catering industry back in Australia. The RiverGarden’s menu covers many Khmer and Western favourites, but the flavours that burst out of every dish,  beautiful presentation, fabulous surroundings and the attentiveness of the staff all combine to make dining here a real treat for anyone. Plus their home-made brownies could start wars, they’re so good. you don't..... you don't.....

A little further down the river, you’ll find Rosy Guesthouse. This is an incredibly popular guesthouse for many who visit Siem Reap regularly and one of the top reasons for that is their excellent cooking, especially their pies which send nostalgic Brits into ecstasies. Stuffed to the gills with meat and gently spiced, with a wallop of mashed potato and rich, caramelly gravy on the side, and you’ve got a plate of comfort food at its finest.

Keeping the river close at hand, Ivy 2 is a small hostel that has developed a super reputation for the quality of its food, especially its vegetarian menu, which is huge. Festooned with greenery, the outdoor terrace feels like a real hide-away. They’ve started doing $1 tapas every Friday night from 18:00 to 22:00 as well. Time to drop your reservations, and check out where everyone else in town is staying.

The RiverGarden
113 Mondule 111, Phoum Treang
Khum Slorkrum
T: (063) 963 400

Rosy Guesthouse
# 0074, Phum Slor Kram

T: (063) 965 059

Ivy 2
Off Pokambor Avenue
T: (012) 800 860



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  1. Kulenon 02 Nov 2011 at 9:55 am

    Well hello and thanks for the great review – we thought that you may be interested to know that we are extending our “Foodies” presence in Siem Reap beyond our well know “Cooks in TuK Tuks” Cooking Classes to an new venture
    yes we are running Street Food Tours for the culinarily adventurous and real foodies will appreciate that this can be a very exciting and interesting thing to do as there is a great attraction to those food carts and what they sell – what does it taste like and is it safe?
    All your questions answered and even some you haven’t asked yet so when next in Siem Reap look us up.
    We are sure you will get a real kick out of this adventure.
    delectably yours
    The RiverGarden Siem Reap

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