Dec 02 2011

Cambodian photographer Mak Remissa on show in Siem Reap

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One of Cambodia’s premier photographers, whose work has appeared in numerous publications around the world, Mak Remissa moves between the worlds of impressionistic fine art photography and the more direct style of documentary photojournalism.

Otherworldly impressions of the everyday

Otherworldly impressions of the everyday.

His second series of fine art photographs, Water is Life, is now on show in the Arts Lounge at the Hotel de la Paix, where it will stay until December 15 and is freely open to the public. The series of gorgeously realised images focus on our need to take care of the world we live in, especially the precious life source that surrounds and sustains us: water.

Each image is carefully constructed using oil colours on water, then juxtaposed with various objects. The effect is more like an abstract painting than a photograph, which was the intention of the photographer who was a painter before he picked up a camera.

Photographs that could be paintings

Photographs that could be paintings.

This series comes five years after his first, Fish and Ants, was released to wide critical acclaim, here and elsewhere. That series focused more on our need to care for each other, and seven images from it are now on permanent exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum.

“Remissa’s work sends a very strong message on the human condition,” said his agent Isabelle Lesser, the founder of photo agency Asia Motion. “But he does it in a way that is non-confrontational. We have had expressions of interest from organisations such as Greenpeace, who think his work can be used to send out a message in places where it’s difficult to do so more directly.”

Intended to promote our awareness of the fragile world around us

Intended to promote our awareness of the fragile world around us.

Remissa is working on his next project, but his growing success means his works can start to be ranked among those by artists drawing international appreciation and collectability. His pieces have also been exhibited in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

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