Dec 22 2011

Phnom Penh Christmas, in photos

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Each year the streets of Phnom Penh — a predominantly Buddhist town — have increasingly more Christmas decorations as Cambodians use the day as an excuse to dress their children up like Santa Claus and wish you a Happy Merry Christmas. Here are a few Christmas scenes from Phnom Penh. And if you’re on your way there for Christmas 2011, don’t forget we’ve got your feast covered here.

Santa hats cost a mere 2,500 riel, but the Cambodia Christmas memories they provide are priceless.

A Christmas miracle: I got back the correct change from my purchase.

A Korean cosmetics store sets themselves apart with a tree made of white feathers. Oh la la!

This is just how I remember the Santa of my childhood.

Shopping for child-sized Santa costumes in Phnom Penh.

Pine trees might be hard to come by in Cambodia, but plastic is everywhere.

He's going to find out who's naughty and nice.

Even the hostess bars have the Christmas spirit.

It's hard not to love Santa, even for Buddhists.

If your child isn't dressed as Santa, it's definitely not Christmas.

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