Feb 06 2012

What’s happening at Phnom Penh airport

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I’ve had the great pleasure of visiting the Phnom Penh International Airport (née Pochentong International Airport) several times recently and I’ve got loads to tell you.

That's Phnom Penh International Airport to you, sir.

Whenever I head to a new city, I wonder what the airport has to offer. Because the difference between a good airport and a bad one is not trivial. Most importantly, I wonder if I’ll be able to get barbecued chicken. I’ll try to answer all of the questions you might have about banking, SIM cards and fast food at Phnom Penh airport here.

Which is the best ATM to use? There’s a red Canadia ATM outside between the arrivals and departures area that doesn’t charge an extra fee for foreign cards — the others charge $4 or $5 each.

Can I get a SIM card when I arrive? Yes, you can get a SIM card for less than $5 from one of the many mobile carriers that have set up shop directly outside the door when you exit the airport. Currently, Smart, Beeline, QB and Hello all have outlets at the airport (although Cellcard is noticeably absent).

What happened to the Dairy Queen? This is an important one: there is no longer a Dairy Queen inside the terminal. I repeat, the Dairy Queen inside the departures terminal is no more, so do not expect to get a 7am Blizzard. Rest assured though, that Cambodia’s second Western fast food chain has not disappeared entirely, as there is now a Dairy Queen at the public concourse of the departure area.

Can I get barbecued chicken at the airport? Yes, there’s a BBQ Chicken outlet at the public concourse of the departure area. It’s Korea’s #1 chicken restaurant.

What else is there to eat at the airport? In the public international area there’s a Pho 24 and Cafe Fresco. In public departures area, there’s a Pizza Company in addition to the Dairy Queen and BBQ Chicken. Inside the departure terminal the bar is gone but there’s a new restaurant, Taste of Asia, and Paris Deli. The FCC will be opening an outlet there soon as well. In the domestic departures terminal there’s a Blue Pumpkin ice cream shop.

And lastly, if you’re looking for info on how to get into the city, we’ve covered that here.

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