Feb 09 2012

Wonton mee near Phnom Penh airport

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Let’s say you’re going to be in the vicinity of the Phnom Penh Airport sometime soon, and you’re feeling peckish. I’ve been doing a lot of airport runs lately, so this is not actually theoretical to me. Of course there are lots of eating options inside the terminals and at the public concourse, but just beyond the hallowed gates of the airport is a Singapore-style cafe serving wonton mee and Singaporean chicken and rice. Budget an extra 20 minutes, and you too can enjoy this on an otherwise ordinary trip to the airport.

It's not just takeoffs and landings in this part of town, there's also wonton mee.

It’s officially called Wonton Mee Restaurant and if like me, you value a good wonton mee, it’s worth a slight detour on the way to and from the airport. The place is small, serving only a few dishes, including wonton mee (dry or soup-style), Singapore chicken and rice, pork and rice, and dumplings. There are a few other items on the menu (in Chinese) but I didn’t figure out what they were as the Singaporean owner wasn’t around when I dropped by.

No matter, though, because the wonton mee is delicious. The al-dente noodles have the perfect amount of springiness that make a good wonton mee and are served with two types of pork, Chinese kale, deep-fried wontons and a bowl of broth on the side. I would have been happier with a more robust sauce, but at $2, I’m not complaining.

How to find it

If you’re heading to Phnom Penh airport from town, keep going along National Highway 3/Confederation de la Russie. You’ll find the restaurant on the opposite side of the road, just past the airport (I wouldn’t be able to measure distance, but it’s only 3 or 4 minutes in a tuk tuk after the airport). If you pass the Pencil store, you’ve gone too far.

Wonton Mee Restaurant
National Road 3 (before Pencil) Phnom Penh
T: (012) 955 369; (012) 181 8228

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