May 08 2012

Some reasons why you shouldn’t give money to child beggars in Cambodia

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We stumbled across this short (one-minute long) video that explains oh so well some of the very simple reasons why you shouldn’t give money to child beggars in Cambodia (or anywhere for that matter). The video was produced by Friends International, who have been running a campaign to raise awareness of the issues faced by kids in Cambodia. Set aside a minute and give it a watch.

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3 Responses to “Some reasons why you shouldn’t give money to child beggars in Cambodia”

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  2. Keith Bringson 10 Jul 2013 at 1:13 am

    It is a little moronic to imply that every child beggar is shooting up heroin and begging because daddy loves booze too much and doesn’t want to work. In a country where full time employment can bring in as little as $40-50 a month some people are begging and having their children beg and sell wares simply because they are desperate and face starvation as an alternative.

    If there were no money in begging this kids would not magically get shipped to school land and their parents wouldnt magically obtain great paying jobs to cover all their expenses. The kids could just as likely instead be sold off into human trafficking sexual or otherwise (like many of the street beggers already have been) or would wind up starving to death with their parents.

    Now yes ideally everyone should be going to school and as a rule I avoid purchasing anything from children begging on their own (I just give them candy or buy them food) but you have to keep in mind that the underlying dynamic is not as basic as what is presented in this video.

    I also make an explicit exception to this no money rule when I see mothers begging with their children. @See

  3. Mariaon 13 Jun 2014 at 1:16 pm


    It’s wonderful video to post this. The child that beg on the road most of them is like that. I used to talk with them and want to help them by asking them to live in NGO but they don’t want to live even i told them they can study and enough eating. I can see the reason why they don’t want to live. Because they think they are not freedom and cannot do what they want to do, esp take drug.